OMG…Sand Flows Like A ‘RIVER’ In Iraq But Is It SAND??

A video entitled ‘Sand River in Iraq’ went viral on the social media, but that isn’t sand. It shows a river of sand flowing across the desert of Iraq.

What causes ‘Sand River’?

It was due to a rare weather phenomenon that brought hail storms and rain to an otherwise dry and hot area, causing a frozen river to flow through the desert.

sand river-1

In dry environments, it is common for the massive floods to travel fastly downstream to the areas which usually don’t have any rainfall. So, the sand river appears in the downstream places in spite any rainfall.

sand river

According to the report, it is like an illusion that is made by a significant hail has aroused upstream. It seems like many hailstones are floating which is a frozen rain which pours down in the form of tiny snow pebbles.





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OMG…Sand Flows Like A ‘RIVER’ In Iraq But Is It SAND??

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