Celebrate Bitter-Sweet Relation This Raksha Bandhan With These Best 8 Videos!!

Every brother and sister in the world have a pure and incomparable bond without which they can’t live.

Maybe you fight with them daily but that doesn’t mean that you don’t love them. And a mere sacred thread of rakhi is not enough to calculate the feelings for your brother. 

Raksha Bandhan-3

Brothers are highly protective and caring sometimes for their sisters.

On Raksha Bandhan festival, let’s celebrate sibling love where sisters pray for their brothers so as to get away from any evil and the brothers keep their promises to ensure safety for their sisters.

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So, we have compiled the best videos for you this Rakha Bandhan. Check it out below.

Raksha Bandhan

1. Amazon New Ad

This one tells the story of a young man who just can’t understand why his grandmother doesn’t mind getting the same gift for Rakhi, every year.

The campaign #DeliverTheLove motivates people to enjoy the magical moments with their loved ones on the festival of Rakha Bandhan. It also aims to the importance of the beautiful human connection.

This conversation between grandson and grandma will make you feel emotional. Don’t miss the song at the end.

2. Micromax 

This year Micromax is celebrating this unique relationship by breaking stereotypes by focusing on the modern era. The video shows just like the brother guards her sister, the sister can also protect, defend and support her brother.

Raksha Bandhan-4

Sisters are an essential part of a brothers life. So all the brothers around, thank your sister this Raksha Bandhan for making your world beautiful.

3. Reliance Jewels Ad (10 saal, Unginnat pal, Har pal Anmol’.

Check out Reshma Thakur’s infinite moment and how her brother gets her an expensive pair of earrings. She gets emotional and not even ready to accept it. Watch out what happens next.

4. Kwality Walls Ad

This ad displays that it’s so difficult to share the bond of siblings with others. It also beautifully captures the brother-sisterhood love. At the end of the video, you will surely think of your siblings.

5. Watch how brothers irritate their sisters

This video shows that every brother loves irritating her sister from insulting her in front of parents to making fun of her and stealing food from her. Enjoy the video here.

6. Best Beautiful And Creative Most Popular Indian Television Ads Collection

7. Watch this cute Whatsapp conversation between a sister and brother.

8. And this one is of the best Video status for WhatsApp on Raksha Bandhan.


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Celebrate Bitter-Sweet Relation This Raksha Bandhan With These Best 8 Videos!!

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