DIY Zipper Braid Tutorial For Medium To Long Hair

Zipper braid or Suspended Infinity Braid is the perfect hairstyle for the schools, proms, weddings, bridals, and office. Check out the simple and step by step tutorial.

Time Needed: 10 minute
Skill Level: Medium

Zipper Braid Updo Tutorial

It is not a new braiding method, but the braid is similar to that of a conjoined double cobra braid.

You Will Need:

a) Hairbrush
b) Spray bottle
c) 3 to 5 bobby pins
d) Rat-tail comb
e) 1 hair band
f) Hairspray (optional)

Time Needed: 8 to 10 minutes
Skill Level: Hard


a) Start by wetting your hairs and take a tiny hair section closer to the top of your head.
b) Divide it into three hair strands.
c) Take the middle hair strand and now cross it over the left one.
d) Then, take the middle one and pass it over the right one.
e) It will finish your first stitch of the braid
f) Take the new middle strand and then take it over the left strand again.
g) Now, bring it under the two hair strands to the right and ask your daughter to hold it.
h) Choose a small hair section on the right side of the head.
i) Take this hairpiece over the middle hair strand and then under the left hair strand and ask your daughter to hold it.
j) Now, you will begin your zipper braid
k) Select a hair on the left side of the head and take it over the middle hair strand and under the right one.
l) Ask your daughter again to hold it.
m) Take the hair strands she was holding, and take them under the new one you recently gave her.

n) Add this to the middle hair strand.
o) It will make a little sandwich all over the hair strand.
p) Select up more hair on the right side and take this over the middle one and the under the left one.
q) Ask your daughter to hold this one.
r) Take first hair strand from her and take it under the second one you gave her and add this to middle one.
s) Repeat steps from k) to step r) till you run out of your hair.
t) Finish off with rubber bands for a ponytail, add a bow or continue with a simple braid and twist it into a bun.
u) Secure your bun with bobby pins and add hairspray to your zipper braid.

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DIY Zipper Braid Tutorial For Medium To Long Hair

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