West Bengal In Shame | Infant Trafficking Racket Busted

The West Bengal police today on 23 November, busted a racket that involved trafficking of 25 to 30 babies nearly by two private clinics in Baduria, North-24 Paraganas, with the help of an NGO named Subodh Memorial Trust for the past three years.

When the police raided the Sohan Nursing Home and Baidya Clinic in Bagjola locality of Baduria Monday night. Two three-day-old baby boy and baby girl were found hidden inside a biscuit carton and were recovered. Several documents and papers were also seized from the spot.

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Out of which, one baby had been delivered just a few hours before.

A third baby which nearly six days old was found in a room. He was given back to her mother. Her mother was told that she had delivered a dead.

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CID officers said that the newborns were put in such cartons and smuggled out in ambulances to avoid doubt. They were transported by road to a government hospital where they were sold.

Male babies are sold for not less than Rs 2 lakh each and the female ones were sold for half the price i.e between Rs 80,000 and Rs 1 lakh if their complexion was dark, and between Rs 1 lakh to Rs 1.5 lakh if they were fair.

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The babies were smuggled to other states like Delhi, Bihar, and Mumbai. Their racket is stretched all the way to different parts of the country and beyond to the US and the UK.

Two newborn babies recovered last night by CID raid from Sohan Nursing home at Baduria in North 24 parganas

Eight culprits including the owner of a private nursing home, and a woman named Nazma Bibi were arrested on Tuesday afternoon in Bhaduria in 24 Parganas, 85 km from Kolkata in connection with the racket.

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The main trafficker is Nazma Bibi, wife of Bakbul Baidya who owned Baidya Clinic, used to control the overall operation of the racket.

The police caught them red-handed. They checked the locked room in which the hospital stores medical stock. The said that they were surprised what they saw there.

The local police told that they target mostly the poor or the unmarried women. They were paid money nearly 3 lakh for baby boy and 1 lakh for a baby girl.

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Unmarried women sell their unwanted infants to the childless couples using fake documents. Sometimes, Even staff used to smuggle babies after duping their mothers make them believe that they had delivered stillborns.

In the case of nonavailability of unmarried women, they would steal newborns from the clinic. A retired doctor of RG Kar Medical College and Hospital in Kolkata were also involved in the racket.

The CID is trying to track down the couples who have bought the babies from the NGO.

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West Bengal In Shame | Infant Trafficking Racket Busted

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