10 Unusual Temples: Not Just Amitabh, India Has Temples For Rats & Dog Too

India (Land of Temples) is not just known for old and historical temples, but also for some strange beliefs which are not common. So, check out the list of absolute most strange temples in India, and you will be shocked after knowing about these destinations for sure.

1. Dog Temple in Channapatna (Karnataka)

A group of people in Karnataka has created up an unusual temple to pat regards to the model of faithfulness “The dog.” In Ramanagara area of Channapatna, people not just have built a temple for the creatures but also perform poojas to the Dog God.

2. Amitabh Bachchan Temple (West Bengal)

In Tiljala (a neighborhood in Kolkata), people got a closer look at the Subhash Nagre (the role which Amitabh Bachchan played in the film Sarkar). The temple made by the craftsman Subrata Bose, the effigy catches Big B’s ‘Sarkar’ symbol in the remarkable detail. It took Subrata three months to create the 25-kilogram statue. All Bengal Amitabh Bachchan Fans Association unveiled the life-estimate sculpture.

3. Bharat Mata Temple (Varanasi)

As per the Varanasi website, the Bharat Mata temple is the first temple devoted to the Mother India. Mahatma Gandhi initiated it in the year 1936. The effigy is worked in the marble and is also a model of ‘unified India.’ The awesome thing about this temple is that instead than the Goddesses and standard divine beings, it features an alleviation guide of India cut out of the marble.

4. Sonia Gandhi Temple (Telangana)

A temple in Mahabubnagar house a statue of an Indian politician and former INC president Sonia Gandhi built by the supported of Andhra Pradesh. a former minister, P Shankar Rao said: “this is our unique way to say thanks to the Sonia Gandhi for her momentous role in accomplishing the decades-old dream of a separate Telangana state.”

5. Karni Mata Temple (Rajasthan)

As per the report, Karni Mata temple or Rat Temple in Deshnoke is considered as the home of more than 20, 000 alive rats. It is believed that Karni Mata was an intelligent woman who got conceived in year 1387 in the Charan station of Hindus. This temple is entirely entrusted to her, and she was the official goddess of the royal groups of Bikaner and Jodhpur.

6. Om Banna Temple (Rajasthan)

On the Pali Jodhpur crossroad, few commuters stop daily at Om Banna temple to pay regards to 350cc ‘Bullet Baba’ praying to the God for a protected voyage. The legend behind the Bullet Baba goes back to 1998 when the kid of neighborhood town pioneer, ‘Om Singh Rathore’ met with the heart throbbing accident.

He died on the spot, but his bike fell away. The nearby police had moved the bike to the police headquarters. Thereby, the next day after accident, it was known to vanish from the station and came back to accident site. The other day the bike was once again moved to mishap site.

7. Chinese Kali temple (West Bengal)

Set in the heart of Chinatown in Kolkata (Tangra zone), the Chinese Kali temple is a temple of Hindu goddess Kali which is taken care by the tribal Chinese people group who offer chop suey and noodles to the goddess.

8. Sachin Tendulkar Temple (Bihar)

Master Blaster ‘Sachin Tendulkar’ is welcomed as the ‘God Of Cricket’ by his followers and fans. Also, a village in Southwestern Bihar has started worshiping this great man by creating his statue. The singer and Bhojpuri actor Manoj Tiwari along with Arvind Kumar Singh (Kaimur district magistrate) have uncovered a life-sized (about 5.5 feet) effigy of this wonderful Indian batsman at the village Atarwalia of Manoj in  Kaimur district, approximately 170 kilometers Southwest of Patna.

9. Aeroplane Gurudwara (Punjab)

Aeroplane Gurudwara ( Hawai Jahaz) in Jalandhar is a treat for the people who garner the miniatures of the aircraft. People who wish to travel abroad render miniature aircraft at Shaheed Baba Nihal Singh Gurudwara. This temple is regarded as the ticket to abroad mainly to United States.

10. Stambheshwar Mahadev Temple (Gujarat)

Set in the Kavi Kamboi, this 150-year-old Lord Shiva temple is situated along the Bay of Cambay on its one side and the Arabian Sea another side. In consideration to the Kumarika Khand in Skanda Purana, the Shivling was set by Kartikay (son of Shiva) and brother to Lord Ganesha after he killed Tarkasur.

It can be seen only during low tide hours is what make this temple unique. At the high tide, it completely disappears. Thereby, it is also called as ‘disappearing temple of Mahadev.’

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10 Unusual Temples: Not Just Amitabh, India Has Temples For Rats & Dog Too

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