5 Best Hacks To Eliminate Waterproof Mascara Without Harming Your Lashes!!

There is no doubt waterproof mascara looks awesome on the eyes, but it takes extra effort and tips to remove it thoroughly. The incorrect method might cause negative impact on the eyelashes, but on the skin near your eyes too. So, check out few smart hacks to remove the traces of mascara with ease and quickly without causing much strain on your lashes.

1. Use Eye Makeup Remover

You Will Need:

a) Cotton pads
b) Eye makeup remover


a) Take a cotton pad and transfer some eye makeup remover onto it.
b) Close the eyelids and put the cotton pad on the top of your eyelashes for some time.
c) Wipe the cotton pad downwards gently towards the lash tips.
d) Repeat the procedure till all traces of mascara has gone.

Tip: Use only ophthalmologically tested and high-quality hypoallergic eye makeup remover because your eyes are sensitive organ.

2. Micellar Water

If you have sensitive and dry skin, Micellar Water is perfect for you. It is a fantastic product to use onto your delicate eyes and eyelashes if you want to be as gentle as possible. So, you need to use oil-infused micellar water to break down the waterproof mascara.

You Will Need:

a) Oil-infused micellar water
b) Cotton pads


a) Use a cotton pad and apply the micellar water to it.
b) Close the eyelids and rest the cotton pad on the top of your eyelashes for ten seconds.
c) Wipe down gently towards the lash tips.
d) Repeat the procedure using fresh cotton pads till all the products get removed well.

Tip: It is always advised to use only high-quality hypoallergenic products.

3. Almond Oil/Olive Oil/ Coconut Oil

There are natural methods also that you must try out. You can use olive, coconut, and almond oil to get rid of stubborn mascara as they are quite safe and best for eyes. You don’t need to rub or tug the eye areas. Its best part is that these oils are a rich source of nutrients that will help to boost the growth of healthy and dark eyelashes.

You Will Need:

a) Cold compressed virgin olive or coconut oil
b) Cotton pads


a) Dab few drops of one of the three oils using a cotton pad.
b) Put this pad on the eyelids and allow it to rest for few seconds.
c) Wipe it down gently towards the lash tips without tugging or rubbing.
d) Repeat the procedure till all the mascara formula breaks off entirely or until you will have no traces on your eyelashes.
e) You can also use the wet wipe to remove the residue of the oil stuck in the eye.

Tip: Use the oil in tiny amount as it might get into your eye. If this happens, rinse the eye with water.

4. Baby Shampoo

Baby Shampoo is a no-tear formula which is the best if you run out of the options. It is an effective way to wash away the waterproof mascara as it is quite safe to use, hypoallergenic, and filled with a rich fragrance.

You Will Need:

a) Cotton pads or wet wipes
b) Baby shampoo
c) Damp cloth


a) Use a little amount of baby shampoo and with a damp cloth and apply this onto your eyelashes.
b) Hold the cotton pad over it and wipe it off towards the tip of your eyelashes.
c) With the cotton pad or wet wipe, wipe away the baby shampoo and mascara to ensure that there is no residue left.

Tip: Avoid using the regular shampoo as it will irritate the eyes and may cause significant stinging.

5. Cold Cream or Regular Lotion

You can also use face moisturizer or cold cream if you have no options left to eliminate the waterproof mascara. The cold cream also removes the whole makeup.

You Will Need:

a) Hot washcloth
b) Moisturizing lotion or cold cream


a) Rinse your face with a regular cleanser and pat it dry.
b) Apply cold cream and rub the cream carefully onto the eyelashes.
c) Finally, wipe it with the hot washcloth.


Avoid using the chemical based lotions around your eyes as this might lead to infection. It is also advised to use petroleum jelly to eliminate the eye makeup as petrochemicals are not good for the skin mainly for the eye region as it can lead to zits and milia.

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5 Best Hacks To Eliminate Waterproof Mascara Without Harming Your Lashes!!

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