If You Want To Become A Billionaire Then Study From Here

Who doesn’t want to become a billionaire? If you are here then obviously you are one of them. It is a true fact that none of the school, college or institute gives you a guarantee to become a billionaire but today we will tell you about a university which produces more billionaires than any other else.

Well the University we are talking about is Harvard University. According to reports till date 125 billionaires were produced by Harvard University which combines wealth is $590 billion. It is one of the top universities in the world.  Now it is not like people who only graduates from this university become millionaire. Some become also billionaire after dropping out and in this list there are two Indians also. Check out who they are.

1. Michael Bloomberg

Net Worth – $45.5 Billion

Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg is a founder and CEO of Bloomberg L.P. He did MBA from Harvard University in 1996. He was also the 3 time mayor of New York City.

2. Steve Ballmer

Net Worth – $39.1 Billion

Steve Ballmer

Steve Ballmer earlier worked as a CEO of Microsoft. In 2014 he purchased NBA Los Angeles Clippers (basketball team) after placing a bid of whooping $2 billion. He graduated from Harvard University in 1977.

3. Jorge Paulo Lemman

Net Worth – $28.8 billion

Jorge Paulo Lemman

Jorge Paulo Lemman is a 3G capital’s director and founding partner. He is graduated from Harvard in 1961.

4. Leonard Blavatnik

Net Worth – $17.3 billion

Leonard Blavatnik

Leonard Blavatnik is the founder of Access Industries, in 1989 he graduated in MBA from Harvard University. He has a great interest in media, natural resources, venture capital and real estate.

5. Ray Dalio

Net Worth – $16.3 billion

Ray Dalio

Ray Dalio is a founder of Bridgewater Associates. With $16.3 billion he is one of the Harvard graduates who became a billionaire. He completed his MBA in 1973 from Harvard.

6. Hansjörg Wyss

Net Worth – $13 billion

Hansjörg Wyss

Hansjörg Wyss is the chairman of Wyss Foundation. He completed his MBA in 1965 from Harvard.

7. George Kaiser

Net Worth – $11.5 billion

George Kaiser

George Kaiser is the chairman of BOK Financial Corp. George Kaiser did his BA in 1964 then MBA in 1966 from Harvard University.

8. Stephen A. Schwarzman

Net Worth – $10.9 billion

Stephen A. Schwarzman

Stephen A. Schwarzman is the CEO and Chairman of Blackstone Group. He graduated in MBA in 1972 and in 1985 he founded a global equity fund Blackstone Group.

9. Rahul Bajaj

Net Worth -$3.9 billion

Rahul Bajaj

Rahul Bajaj is the chairman of Bajaj Group which is one of the most trusted brands in India. He did his MBA from Havard in 1964 and soon after that handled Bajaj Group.

10. Anand Mahindra

Net Worth – $1.52 billion

Anand Mahindra

Anand Mahindra is the MD and Chairman of Mahindra Group. He did his MBA degree in 1981 from Harvard.

So this is the list of some billionaires who studied at Harvard. After reading this post if you are willing to get admission there then good luck. Don’t forget to share this list with your friends.

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If You Want To Become A Billionaire Then Study From Here

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