Ahead of Modi’s US Trip, Indian Village Renamed After Trump To Provide Free Toilets Across India….!!🚽👍

(MARODA, Haryana): On Friday, Toilet charity Sulabh International renames a north Indian village, Maroda in Mewat region after US President Donald Trump ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 3-Nation trip.

The scheme is meant to honor relations with the Unites States which will create better sanitation awareness in India.


Trump Sulabh Village…!!

The new name of the village is “Trump Sulabh Village”, is not official, and so will not appear on maps.


The Sulabh International name is given after the Hindi word for “Accessible,” which means to describe the easy pit toilets it builds for free all over the country that has less number of toilets.

free toilets-4

Villagers have no idea who Trump is…!

Many of the 400 villagers said they don’t know Donald Trump is.

free toilets-14

But they are glad that their village elders agreed to the promotional scheme because they will get free toilets in each of the Maroda village’s 60 or so mud-built houses.

free toilets
The entrance of Donald Trump Sulabh Village in Maroda, India.

None of the Charity for the new toilets is coming from ‘US’ or ‘Trump’….!!

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Construction worker Sajid Hussain said:

“I don’t understand why they couldn’t name it after our own Prime Minister”.

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But still, he’s happy for the “toilet-building initiative” and hopes it is further followed with funding for electricity, education, and other improvements.

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On Trump Sulabh Village’s inauguration, the villagers shouted “Donald Trump Zindabad”….!!

free toilets-16

The opening ceremony was staged just before Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi heads to Washington for a sit-down with Donald Trump.

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The Sulabh International’s founder, Bindeshwar Pathak, greeted that renaming the village after Donald Trump was a scheme which will draw more attention and hopefully fund for their efforts to boost sanitation all over India.

free toilets-17

He said:

free toilets-9

60% of India’s 1.3 billion people still defecate in the open…!!!

The fact that there are less number of toilets in the Maroda village, 70km north of New Delhi, is not uncommon. More than 60 percent of 1.3 billion people of India still excrete in the open.

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Due to this, hundreds of millions of children lost their lives every year because of dysentery.

A housewife, Poonam said:

free toilets-10

She hopes that the campaign to rename the village will stop the dangers that women face for bathroom privacy, putting them at risk of “rape” and “sexual assault”.

free toilets-7

Some women, like Poonam, are also forced to leave school once they start menstruating.

The charity aims to build toilets in 600,000 more villages across India….!!

However, Maroda village is hoping to become the first village in Haryana to curb out open defecation completely.

free toilets-13

Donald Trump toilet paper…!!

free toilets-15

This is not the first time that a Trump-inspired bathroom scheme has been used to raise money for the funding purposes.

free toilets-6

A corporate lawyer from Mexico, Antonio Battaglia recently built a Donald Trump toilet paper and plans to donate 30% of the profits to programs supporting migrants.




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Ahead of Modi’s US Trip, Indian Village Renamed After Trump To Provide Free Toilets Across India….!!🚽👍

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