Amazing Toothpick Hacks You Must Try Today

A toothpick is a handy tool to keep it around the house. It’s not only for useful for your teeth, but there other uses too that you may don’t know. In fact, many expert dentists advise people to avoid its use because it can quickly damage gum tissues. So, let’s check out the amazing hacks of toothpicks.

Home Improvement

Fill Wood Holes

Toothpicks are also excellent in hiding exposed or accidental nail holes in wood. So if you have stripped screw holes for drawer hardware, hinges, or other areas, fill these holes with toothpicks. But make sure you put a little amount of glue on the end of every piece and then slide them in. Finally cut off their ends and add paint if required so that they get fixed there neatly.

Find the Edge of Tape

Do you know you can keep the tape from getting stuck into the roll? Simply stick the toothpick under the loose end of tape every time you use the tape so that you can quickly return the next time you use it.

Finish off any Woodwork or Furniture

A toothpick is an excellent and cost-effective way to add paint to small scratches in cabinets, woodwork, or furniture. It will look nice than a paintbrush, and you will need to repaint just the tiny crack instead of the surrounding region.

Repair Ornaments

A toothpick is also great for grabbing glue into small surfaces and spaces like ornaments and statuettes.

Sew Buttons

Some people keep a couple of toothpicks in their sewing kit for sewing shirt or coat buttons. You can usually use it as a thread hack to create a space between fabric and button. Besides this, it’s also great for repairing and cleaning sewing machines.

Replace Bookmark

In our busy schedule, sometimes we forget where we are in our favorite books. This, it’s the best idea to insert one toothpick between the pages. This helps you t reach instantly to your favorite book.


Tight and small spaces sometimes become hard to clean, so use the following tricks.

Decorate your Nails Like a Pro

You can get innovative when it comes to manicure. Spice up your beautiful nails using a toothpick. For this, coat whole nail with one shade and before it gets dried, put a small drop of the second color using a toothpick to mix both colors together.

Clean Brushes

Simply insert the toothpick into a brush you want to clean and then quickly pull out the hair.

Clean Gaps and Cracks

Soak toothpick into the rubbing alcohol solution and the sue it to get rid of dirty gaps and cracks in the gadgets, or furniture. You can also use it to clean other small spaces.

Clean Smartphone, Remotes, and keyboards

Forensic experts usually use a toothpick to collect drug residue from the phone of drug dealers. But you can use it to get rid of grime and dirt in the phone, remotes and keyboard holes. TV remote and phone are of the dirtiest things in your home. Simply soak a toothpick in rubbing alcohol to clean them well.

Wash Nails Well

When you do any dirty job, it’s tough to get rid of all the grime from your fingernails even if you wash the hands thoroughly with warm water and soap. So the best way is to use a toothpick.

Temporary Holder for your Eyeglass Screw

When a screw got missing on your eyeglasses, you lose either the earpiece or lens. So the good idea to fix this problem is to replace that missing screw with a toothpick. Cut off the extra part and fix it with a tape.

Light a Candle

When candle wick is not long, use a toothpick. This will prevent the risk of burning your beautiful fingers because wood burns a little slower. Also, toothpicks are a little bit longer than matches and give you extra reach when you require it.


Plant an Avocado

The excellent way to grow an avocado plant is not from seed, but rather from this trick. Wash the seed and insert three toothpicks into it. After that, hang the seeds on a glass of water covering the wide base of the seed. Now place it in a location where it gets direct sunlight and water it daily. Once the roots and stem begin to grow, plant the bottom half of the seed into the soil.

Support a Bent Stem

You can even use a toothpick to support a bent plant stem. Simply straighten it out and add toothpick with tape. But make sure you eliminate the toothpick. This will allow the plant to grow straight without falling to the ground and also guard it against any caterpillars.

Grow Potato Plant

Dab four toothpicks in the center of sweet potato and hang in a bowl of water so that half of the potato gets submerged in water. After that, place them in direct sunlight till roots and wait till sprouts grow. Cut of the slips when they get 10 to 12 inches long and put them in water till they grow well.

Test Moisture Level of the Soil

Insert a toothpick into the soil around potted plants, and if it comes out neat, it means it needs water. But if it comes out wet and laden with soil, it means it doesn’t need water.

Drive away Cutworms

Expert advice placing three toothpicks into the soil close to tomato plant stem or other seedlings to prevent cutworm from eating the plant.


Toothpicks are not just used to get food of the mouth, but other things too.

Test food

Stick a toothpick into brownies or cakes while baking, if it comes out neat, it means it’s ready.

Creating Awesome Designs on Cakes

Toothpicks are also good for decorating cakes. The thin tip acts as a nice pencil for crafting cool designs and words on the cake.

Become a Chopstick Expert

By using a rubber band and toothpick, you can become a chopstick expert. For this, simply hold the chopstick ends together and tie a rubber band around them tightly. Now insert one toothpick between the chopsticks. Squeeze the fingers together and enjoy the meal.

Separate Foods

You can even use colored and labeled toothpicks to differentiate foods at a party.

Replace Fork

Lunchtime is here, but you forgot your fork. In this case, grab one Popsicle stick and four toothpicks. Now wrap toothpick around it and secure it using a rubber band. Now enjoy your lunch.

Slow Fast Pouring Vinaigrettes

The best solution to too much dressing is to use toothpicks. Next time you open a wide-mouth bottle, rather than eliminating the foil seal, use toothpicks to create small holes in it. These opening will allow you to reduce the dressing intake and make it last for a long time.

Serve Finger Foods Quickly

Use toothpicks to serve finger foods fast. It lower drips, mess, and also reduce the risk of bacteria.

Complete Martini

Toothpicks are an excellent way to add olives to martinis. You can even place an orange or lemon slice in the beer with it.

Hold a Sandwich Together

Fancy restaurants sometimes feature toothpicks to pick food. They can be used to keep burgers and sandwiches from falling.

Hold Grilled Veggies

Insert toothpick horizontally via onion slice to keep grilled veggie from falling apart on the grill. It’s a good idea to soak toothpick in water for ten minutes before putting them in veggies.

Beneficial when Marinating

Just stick a toothpick in garlic cloves or other stuff you want to eliminate it from marinade. It’s a safe and simple way to remove the garlic before serving.

Guard Stovetop

To prevent pots from boiling, stick a toothpick under the lid of the container to create a little bit of gap so that steam can escape freely.

Cook Potatoes and other Veggies Fast and Evenly

The best way to cook veggies more quickly and evenly is to add toothpicks in each of vegetable you need to prepare. To make an ideal baked potato in the microwave, stick several toothpicks into one side so that it balances evenly. Now microwave the potato for 4 to 7 minutes. This trick lets you cook potato on every side.

Create a Spicy Snack

Flavored toothpicks are also great for oral fixation and satisfying hunger cravings without adding calories. It’s good to purchase peppermint or cinnamon flavored toothpicks. But you can also make it using cinnamon oil at your home.

Art and Craft

Craft Doll Furniture

Toothpicks are great to craft doll-size curtain rods, tables, and lampstands. Use your creativity to impress your kids.

Apply Glue to Sequins

If your craft project includes the use of buttons and sequins, then it’s an excellent idea to use toothpicks and has little mess. Put a little amount of glue on a piece of paper and dip in a toothpick in it and use it to apply glue to the buttons.

Make an Incredible Sculpture

If you have God gifted creativity, use toothpicks, and show it to the entire world.

Fix or Finish Painting Projects

Toothpicks are great before and after the painting. Simply dip a toothpick into a small amount of color and use it on your painting to finish it off.

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Amazing Toothpick Hacks You Must Try Today

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