Facts Every New TikTok User Must know

TikTok is a famous social music and video platform where you can express yourself to others via short videos. Chinese internet technology agency ‘ByteDance created this video-sharing app’. Bytedance is USD$75 Billion Company founded by Yiming Zhang in China and you will be surprised to know that Google search for ‘what is Tik Tok’ skyrocketed in the year 2018. So, let’s check out the quick facts about this hottest media platform.

Most Interesting and Popular Social Media App on the Planet

TikTok is the most famous social media app on the earth whose mission is to allow people to sing and dance to music. But it needs a lot of practice, and many of its popular videos are quite hard to produce. In September, it surpassed other platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat in monthly installs in the app store. This social networking app is news and ads free and a joyful successor to Vine.

Particularly Popular Among Teens

Same as Musical.ly, TikTok is mainly famous with under 16s. It has 150 million active daily users and hundreds of million subscribers from across the globe, including Indian youngsters. With the rise of the audience, this app now opens tons of opportunities for the many brands to advertise their business. But the primary concern is the safety of young users. However, the agency has made it clear that the kids under 13 years of age are restricted to use this app.


Easy Uploading, Editing, and Sharing

TikTok is a global video community that makes it easy for anyone to watch incredible videos. Users can also make their own short lip-syncing videos and share it with the world quickly. Now anyone can spice up their videos using plenty of special filters, fun stickers, song snippets, effects, and much more. The best part is that users can also share their videos with other social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

Exist in Two Versions

This app now exists in two versions: Tik Tok for the rest of the world and Dujyin for the Chinese market.

It’s Actually Meant for Music

This application is meant for music, but people around the world are using it to create innovative videos. It makes it easy for everyone to be a creative creator and motivates users to share their interests, creativity, and passion via their videos.

Initiated in China

Tik Tok app is known as Douyin in China. It became the most downloaded phone app in the first quarter of 2018 with near about 45.8 million downloads. This application started as Musical.ly where the users could shoot fifteen seconds videos of their own lip-syncing over the music. In the year 2016, it was named Tik Tok in overseas markets.

TikTok facts

On 2 August 2018, Musical.ly combined Tiktok to create a better and bigger video community. This app received millions of investment funds later on, and this makes it spread all over Asia. The number of active users daily in China surpasses 150 million. In comparison to TikTok, Musical.ly mainly target international teen market. Tik Tok usually spent $1 billion to secure its global market.

500 Million Users

Although the app still has its former Musical.ly accounts, Tik Tok is much broader. It’s the home to many diverse niche communities like dance, beauty, fashion, art, food, sports, fitness, and comedy. In July, Tik Tok hit 500 million global monthly active users, with 6 million US downloads as of November.

Partnered with Famous Celebs

Apart from Fallon, TikTok has partnered with other stars in other areas. For example, in Japan, the application teamed up with reputed names like Kinoshita Yukina or Aashika Bhatia in India. They actually used this tactic to create more buzz and expand its growth internationally. The main focus of TikTook is on localized content. It frequently runs local challenges, contests, and picks up on local trends. This application also makes the use of local trending hashtags to advise topics for the amazing content creation to the users.

Allow People to Showcase their Creativity

Tiktok allows everyone to express their creativity freely. Duet feature enables users to make a responsive video to the original video so that both videos can be played side by side. This resulted in unique and innovative videos. In fact, users can also upload their own unique sounds, so that it possible to lip sync to someone else real video. This also allowed users to make fun of the real video with their responsive video. These ‘online trolls’ gave Tik Tok more attention.


Its Estimated Monthly Earnings is $1.4m

Same as other apps, the business model of Tik Tok includes two main components- user and advertisers. Its income usually comes from in-app purchases by the users and ads. In fact, 42 percent of revenue comes from the US.

Available in 154 Countries and 75 Languages

This app is available in near about 75 languages and run on both Android and iOS platforms. Users pay no money for downloading and using it.

It Ranks on No. 2 Position on iTunes

On the iTunes app, TikTok is ranked number two most famous downloaded video sharing application. It’s also rated 12+ for sexual content, nudity, mild humor, nature themes, fantasy violence, and drug references. TikToK is also thinking to support people who upload their videos in the hope of gaining stardom.

Popular TikTok Trends 2019

-Lip syncing
-Trendy dance videos
-Nostalgic dance videos
-Cute animals
-Stop motion
-Random point-and-shoot
-Strange effects


No Longer a Chinese App

Most of the people think that it’s a China famous app because most of the videos were filmed in China. But it’s not true. Now Tik Tok has gone global. Tik Tok videos are now become famous not just amongst china’s young people but other parts of the world too. Although it’s not as famous as Facebook and Instagram, it is based in LA, its global offices include Seoul, Shanghai, London, Tokyo, Beijing, Singapore, Mumbai, Jakarta, and Moscow.
With 2 million daily page views and 500 million active users, it’s clear that Tik Tok has huge potential to become the next big thing in social media and marketing.

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Facts Every New TikTok User Must know

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