Tiger Nuzzling Pregnant Woman’s Baby Bump Has Taken The Internet By Storm…!!😍🐅

A female tiger at a Potawatomi Zoo in Indiana, United States had a sweet reaction to a pregnant woman who is on the other side of the glass.

This video of a tiger nuzzling her belly through the glass divide has gone viral over the Facebook.

Pregnant Woman, viral video

The Potawatomi Zoo is a 23-acre zoo located in South Bend of Indiana………!!

The pregnant woman, sitting in front of the tiger at the Tiger exhibit was taking a selfie when the tiger started to rub its head along the glass.

Pregnant Woman-2, viral video

Then, she stood on the stairs in front of the female tiger, pressing her belly. Then she sniffed the woman and her belly, then snuggle the glass.

“Awww!” someone is heard saying “off-camera.”…..!!

The pregnant mum-to-be, from Indiana, US, was at an event held at the Potawatomi Zoo with her cousin Natasha.

Pregnant Woman-1, viral video

Brittany wrote in a post on Potawatomi Zoo’s Facebook page…….!!

Pregnant Woman-11, viral video

And you can clear her a person saying in the background: “That’s so crazy.”

Handshoe who was totally surprised what the tiger did, said:

Pregnant Woman-13, viral video

Ms. Handshoe said that the tigers were sleeping in the back of the public display the first time they passed them. She later returned to see one of the Tigers pawing at the glass.

Pregnant Woman-5

She said:

“I do believe the tiger knew I was pregnant just by the way it was acting”.  

Brittany Smith-Osborne, who started making the video of the interaction between her friend Natasha who is who is 27-weeks-pregnant and the tiger.

She said:

“We all realized that the tiger was very interested in her baby bump”.

The Potawatomi Zoo even shared her video clip on its ‘Facebook page’ saying………!!

Pregnant Woman-12

Smith Osborne is from Indiana’s little Amish community near Shipshewana and she said that it was the first time that she visited the zoo.

Pregnant Woman-6

“I am so excited that I was able to capture that sweet moment,” she added.

On Facebook, this video has 1.1 million views and has more than 6k shares…!!

Pregnant Woman-10


Pregnant Woman-7

Pregnant Woman-8

Pregnant Woman-9


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Tiger Nuzzling Pregnant Woman’s Baby Bump Has Taken The Internet By Storm…!!😍🐅

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