14 Things you Should Never do While Traveling Abroad

Whether you are going abroad for the honeymoon, studies, job, backpacking, vacationing or whatever the reason may be, as a traveler, there are some things that you should avoid doing to travel smarter and cheaper and prevent any unnecessary controversies and disastrous situations.

1. Not Keeping your Passport Copy with You

While traveling abroad, it is a bad idea to head out outside without any identification proof of you. We are not telling you to carry your original one. Carry photocopies of your passport is a smart idea as it keeps your passport safe in the safe deposit box of your hotel room and prevents its theft.

2. Fighting with the Local People Mainly in the Bars

Simply, refrain yourself from engaging in the unnecessary disputes or arguments while abroad because the law may work as the way you think. So it’s best not to make the suppositions. As a guest, do your best to honor the local customs and taboos.

3. Travel by Securing Free Rides

Hitchhiking in your own home country is safe. But think twice before you hitchhike especially when you are alone as you might become an easy target as you have no local ties with anyone there and have less knowledge of the local geography or customs.

4. Ignoring Vaccinations before the Voyage

Before traveling abroad, you need to make sure that you get a proper vaccination for any infectious disease that may be endemic to your destination. You can check which vaccinations are advised for your travel destination country on the website like the Center for Disease Control or take advice from your local physician.

Depending on your health insurance plan, vaccinations may be little bit high cost, but they avoid getting you to get into the deadly diseases like malaria or yellow fever. Another vital thing to consider is that if you are thinking to buy travel insurance, insurers usually need that you take sensible precautions before and during your entire journey to avoid any risk.

5. Drinking Tap Water

The tap water is not safe in all the places in the world. The bacteria in the local water many travel your body and cause illness. So to avoid any stomach issues or food poisoning, it’s better to use bottled water.

Safe Tap Water:

-North America
-Western Europe
-Hong Kong
-New Zealand
-South Korea

Unsafe Tap Water:

-Continental Asia
-South America
-Central America
-Eastern Europe

6. Flaunting your Money

This trick does not apply to the millionaires. If you are traveling to the holiday destination where the majority of the population has less money than you, then stop flaunting your cash in front of them as you might become an easy target by the local pickpockets. Also, avoid wearing jewelry or other high-cost items so that your money is safe in your wallet.

7. Eating Closer to the Famous Tourist Sites

To best experience the local food while traveling, just avoid the famous tourist sites or restaurants. Just take your time to find where the local people like to eat for the authentic dishes.

8. Ignore Travel Insurance

Travel insurance covers all the unexpected expenditures that you do abroad including outrageous medical expenses or an emergency flight back. It can be trouble for the people mainly who engage in dangerous sports activities like scuba diving and skiing. If you spot any risk during your journey, ensure that you purchase the travel insurance while traveling overseas to prevent being forced into begging others.

9. Use of Cash Rather than Credit Cards

Another big mistake newbie travelers make is that they use the cash rather than their credit cards. Many companies offer you the customized services for the abroad travelers and let them earn the big rewards when they spend money with their credit cards. It also gives them better exchange rates in comparison to the money changers or banks. Also, avoid the terrible currency exchange rates at the airport terminal instead use your credit cards to get the best value for the money.

10. Dressing Inappropriately

Each country has its own dress code for the special occasions. For example: wearing a suit and a coat is common in the many European countries, but it’s not in the Asian countries. Similarly, many countries refrain from the use of jeans and shorts where others use it. So dress yourself according to the country you are traveling so that the local people do not look you badly.

11. Using ill-Mannered Sign Language

In a lot of counties, the ‘thumbs up’ sign is ‘okay. But in some counties such as Bangladesh, Iran, and Turkey, it has a different meaning. Also, avoid pointing your fingers other than your thumb while going to Malaysia. Use of the left hand is considered rude in Indonesia. Dabbing someone’s head denotes acknowledgment in many counties, but the countries that follow Buddhism avoid it.

12. Avoid telling your Opinion on Subjects that are Taboo

Every person living on this planet has the right to voice their thoughts and opinions. But when you are traveling abroad, it’s better to avoid expressing your views in public. For example: in Russia, telling your opinion in politics with people having more than forty age is quite dangerous.

13. PDA (Public Display of Affection)

In European countries, it is normal to kiss and hug in public. But in certain Asian countries mainly in the Middle East, you could be jailed for doing this.

14. Skipping Traffic Rules

In a country like India, people are not serious about the traffic rules. But in other countries, people follow the rules strictly. Mainly when you are traveling to Dubai, take care of your speed and avoid honking your horns unnecessarily.

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14 Things you Should Never do While Traveling Abroad

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