One Of The Co-Star Patched Up With Kapil And Said His Love Is Bigger Than His Self-Respect..!!☺

Here is the Good News for “The Kapil Sharma Show” fans who want the former team members to come back to the show. 

Guess who is back on the show??

Chandan Prabhakar finally comes back to the show and said that he has spent almost half of his life with Kapil Sharma and his love for him is bigger than his self-respect.

Chandan Prabhakar-5

Co-star Chandan Prabhakar was publicly insulted by Kapil Sharma and that grabbed the headlines all over India.

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But the comedian has now reunited with The Kapil Sharma Show. Read More to know how their patch-up happened.

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He confirmed in an FB live chat saying:

Chandan Prabhakar

Chandan Prabhakar, who played Chaiwala Chandu on the show, has resumed shooting for the show again.

Chandan Prabhakar-7

Revealing the reason behind the break, Chandan says:

Chandan Prabhakar-1

The comedian said he needed time off from the Kapil Show and now he was ready.

Chandan Prabhakar-4

He further explained on why he re-joined the show after flight-fight with comedian Kapil Sharma.

He told:

Chandan Prabhakar-2

While Kapil Sharma’s other former members Sugandha Mishra and Ali Asgar have joined the ranks of his opponent “Krushna Abhishek.”

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Chandan Prabhakar also revealed that Kapil Sharma tried his best to reunite and also addressed his house to see his “newborn daughter.”

Chandan Prabhakar-8

He said:

“He called me many times. He came to my house with his family to see my daughter and meet my family. So I realized that I should not hold a grievance for life”.

Chandan Prabhakar-11

Chandan Prabhakar even refused being approached for a new show on Sony TV and said that he was “just taking rest” amid his break and didn’t take up any shows like other co-stars Sunil Grover, Sugandha Mishra and Ali Asgar did.

Chandan Prabhakar-6

He further said:

“If anything happened between me and Kapil Sharma, that is a personal thing. It does not mean that I will group up with someone else”.

Chandan Prabhakar-10

The comedian also replied for those who are questioning his self-respect….!!

Chandan told:

Chandan Prabhakar-3



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One Of The Co-Star Patched Up With Kapil And Said His Love Is Bigger Than His Self-Respect..!!☺

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