Top 10 Smartest Animals That Are More Intelligent Than You Think!!

Besides human beings, there are other intelligent creatures on Earth also that are much smarter than we think. Let’s meet the smartest animals on planet earth.

10. Squirrels

According to the recent study from Science Daily, Squirrels are the fastest learners and extremely intelligent creatures that learn from their peers and are expert at adaptation and has the ability to live anywhere.

Smartest Animals

They have a sharp memory and abstract thought. They are quick learners. Squirrels can remember good sources of food from year to year. They can memorize the easiest route up a tree to get back and forth from their nests and where they have buried nuts.

Smartest Animals-1

9. Bees

Don’t underestimate the tiny brain of a bee? Honey bees have very small brains (about the size of a sesame seed) yet they are highly intelligent and have more neurons than the other insects of the same size.

Smartest Animals-2

Their brain is even 1 times denser than the brains of mammals and they are capable of abstract thought, planning, and decision-making and have amazing learning and memory abilities that can remember and identify colors and landmarks.

Smartest Animals-3

Bees can distinguish among different landscapes, shapes, types of flowers, and patterns and can route deals up to 6
miles over many days.

8. Cows

Cows are way more intelligent than you probably thought. they might be slow mover but they’re quick thinkers and are capable of remembering things for a long time. They are capable of feeling powerful emotions like pain, fear and even anxiety.

Smartest Animals-4

7. Elephants

Elephants are exceptionally smart creatures. They have the largest brain of any land animals and 3 times as many as neurons as human beings.

Smartest Animals-5

They can identify languages, understand human body language, use tools, show compassion, mourn the death of other animals, have wonderful memories, and can mimic human voices as well.

6. Ducks

Ducks have a higher level of abstract thoughts according to the new study from the University of Oxford. They can recognize matching and unmatching pairs much swiftly than other animals.

Smartest Animals-6

5. Bonobos

Bonobos have an amazing vocabulary especially when it comes to snacks. We share nearly 99% of our genes with them. They express joy, laugh and console each other.

Smartest Animals-7

They are the close cousin of chimpanzee and more organized than in solving out puzzles and using tools.

Smartest Animals-8

Bonobos even feel the beat of the music, can light camp fires and toast marshmallows on a stick. They are found only in central Africa and use sign language and symbols for communication.

Smartest Animals-9

4. Pigs

Pigs are really smart, highly social domestic animals in the world that have good long-term memories.

They are capable of distinguishing between stranger pigs and the known and can even tell which people are nice to them.

Smartest Animals-10

They are smart enough to outsmart for food and learn to display various tricks. And can play video games with joysticks.

Smartest Animals-11

Domestic pigs use their understanding of reflected images using mirrors to find out their surroundings and search their food.

Smartest Animals-12

3. Rats

Rats are highly intelligent rodents that are smarter than dogs but least capable of figuring and thinking about things as dogs. they have outstanding memories. Once they learn a navigation route, they never forget it.

Smartest Animals-14

They are sociable that they become attached to each other, easily bond with their humans, love their own families. They can identify their names and respond when called.

Smartest Animals-13

2. Dolphins

They have an extremely large brain that is at the second position after humans.

Smartest Animals-15

Dolphins can mimic humans, understand human body language and can recognize themselves in a mirror. Like humans, they even mourn their dead and display compassion.

Smartest Animals-16

1. Ravens

When it comes to intelligence, these birds come to the top. They are highly expert at planning how to get food in the future and even multitasking and bartering.

Smartest Animals-17

Crows are the close cousin to ravens that uses logic to understand surroundings.


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Top 10 Smartest Animals That Are More Intelligent Than You Think!!

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