Now Footsteps Of Shirdi Sai Devotees Will Generate Electricity!!

The Shirdi Sai Trust who manages all the affairs of famous Sai Baba shrine is now working on an innovative step. They are now planning to install devices that will convert the foot energy of devotees into electricity.

This drive will see pedals installed across the Sai Baba temple complex and will charge the lights and fans inside the temple.


Announcing a numerous of projects and programs ahead of the Sai Baba Samadhi centenary festival in the next year, Suresh Haware who is a Shri Sai Baba Sansthan Trust (SSST) chairman told:

“The proposed project includes installation of energy pedals at the Shirdi shrine, which is located in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra”.


Haware further told:

“Approximately 50,000 people visit Shirdi Sai Shrine daily. We would install energy pedals and when you walk, the pedals would get pressed and then return to their normal positions.”


“This would generate power. Thus, this walking energy will be converted into electricity. The power so generated by walking on pedals will power the fans and bulbs in the temple area”.


Shirdi trust to start IAS training academy……..


Among other projects announced by the Trust are starting an IAS training academy for the under privileged and tribal children, energy generation through solid waste, setting up a cancer hospital, and holding of daily blood donation camps as part of the ‘Samadhi Shatabdi Mahotsav’, to be held in October 2018.Shirdi-3

The management committee has taken a move to help the students and women who are from the families of farmers who have committed suicide, Haware added.


“Women in the families of farmers who have committed suicides will be given implements such as sewing machines and the help will be extended to them for setting up their own fruits and vegetable stalls and means for sustained livelihood will be given. Apart from that, the children from such families will be given support in their education.” 


The Shirdi trust has found 600 such suicide-affected families of farmers with the help of NGOs.


Haware further said that from October 1, 2017, the trust will begin IAS training academy which will mainly serve to tribal and underprivileged children.

100-bed cancer hospitals…..

In alliance with the Tata Trust, the trust will be setting up 100-bed cancer hospitals in the area at a cost of Rs 125 crore which will be managed by the Tata Trust.


The trial will begin in two months…!!

The project’s trial will begin in the upcoming two months. The electricity produced from this project will be used only for the Shirdi Sai devotees standing in the line.


Lights and fans were arranged for them Apart from that, 20 tons of garbage will also be used for the production of gas and electricity in Shirdi.


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Now Footsteps Of Shirdi Sai Devotees Will Generate Electricity!!

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