Salman Khan’s Tubelight Is 90% Copied Of This Hollywood Film!!

Kabir Khan’s film “Tubelight” isn’t an original story but a remake of this 2015 movie. Tubelight is inspired from a Hollywood movie “Little Boy”.

See The Difference Yourself below!!


Salman Khan’s upcoming Tubelight movie is not based on an original script.  

tubelight trailer 2-9, Teaser-tubelight-the-littleboy

Little Boy film is a story of a boy who misses his father who is involved in the war.Tubelight-Little-Boy-1

The boy has a fight with a magician which let him believe that the boy himself has the magical power to bring his father back safely.

90% Copied!! But has 1 difference left!!

The only difference between the two films is that “Tubelight” has the same plot device involving two brothers played by Sohail and Salman Khan while “Little Boy” has a father-and-son track.

Little Boy is a fantasy film based on World War II.

The story is about the ‘little boy’ named Pepper (Jakob Salvati) who is bullied by his classmates because of his small height.

tubelight trailer 2-7

However, when the father and his guardian (Michael Rapaport) is captured in war as a “Japanese prisoner”, the little boy pepper sets out on a journey to search him against all obstacles.

tubelight trailer 2-1112

Scene-by-scene comparison……..


tubelight trailer 2-8


tubelight trailer 2, Tubelight-Little-Boy



tubelight trailer 2-10, Tubelight-Little-Boy-1


tubelight trailer 2-11, Tubelight-Little-Boy-2






Tubelight got new trailer!!

Finally, the much-awaited trailer of Salman Khan’s second Tubelight trailer is out and we’re left fascinated after watching it. 

tubelight trailer 2-3

The trailer of the film was launched yesterday evening at a suburban theater in Juhu in the presence of Salman Khan, Kabir Khan and brother Sohail Khan among others.

tubelight trailer 2-1

Salman’s real life brother, Sohail Khan will play his reel-life brother and the best friend “Bharat” in “Tubelight”…..


Bharat joins the Indian Army only to realize the sufferings of a soldier’s life.

tubelight trailer 2-4

The trailer starts with an introduction to the upcoming war at the Indian border. Salman Khan introduces himself as “Lakshman Singh Bisht” while then people around him call him ‘Tubelight’. 

tubelight trailer 2

In the clip, Sohail Khan who goes to fight in the Indo-China war and doesn’t come back.

After that, Lakshman goes in search of Bharat and gives us a befitting sneak peek of the fact that if a person has an unshaken belief to do something, he can even move “mountains”, something that the late Om Puri is seen telling Lakshman Singh later in the trailer.

Don’t miss Shah Rukh Khan’s signature pose in the “Tubelight trailer”!!

tubelight trailer 2-5, Shahrukh

Those of you who’re wondering if actor Shah Rukh Khan is there in the trailer, there’s good news for you. Yes! you will get his glimpse (He has a cameo).

Tubelight trailer 1

Record breaking! Over 7 million views in less than 24 hours

tubelight trailer 2-2

Presenting To You The Records

tubelight trailer 2

Are you ready to watch the #Tubelight trailer 2???


What do you think that the upcoming “Tubelight” film will be 100% copy of “Little Boy” or will they change some scenes?? 

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Tubelight Official Teaser Will Surely Light Your Face With A Shine!!

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Salman Khan’s Tubelight Is 90% Copied Of This Hollywood Film!!

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