For Chak De Actress Sagarika And Zaheer, Life Seems Like A “Fairytale Romance”!!

In the times of commitment phobic people, we have an amazing love story that will woo you and make you believe that love has a happy ending too.

For Chak De actress Sagarika Ghatge and Zaheer Khan, life looks like a beautiful dream and why not? They are all set to start their permanent connection soon.

While the dating rumors buzzed the internet, it was confirmed only after Zaheer Khan And Sagarika made an official announcement on their
social media.

For Zaheer Khan And Sagarika Ghatge life seems like a “beautiful dream”.

Zaheer Khan And Sagarika Ghatge’s Love Story-2


The role that Sagarika played in” Chak De India” was a bit similar to her real life love story.

Zaheer Khan And Sagarika Ghatge’s Love Story-3


In the film, she was seen dating a cricketer Abhimanyu and in real life, she fell in love with Zaheer Khan.

Zaheer Khan And Sagarika Ghatge’s Love Story-1



The dating rumors converted to warm reality for many of us after the lovely couple had made their first ever joint arrival at “Yuvi-Hazel’s”wedding.

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By the end of January, it was reported that the couple had been dating for four months, but there was no confirmation officially.\

On Monday night, Sagarika and Zaheer posted about their engagement which broke the internet.

Congratulatory Wishes started pouring across the world including their friends from the cricket and movies profession.

Now that the duo is officially engaged, Sagarika was popped up with questions on internet related to their D-day.

She said:

“We will discuss all this once the T-20 cricket league ends. Right now Zaheer Khan has to practice and once the league is over, we will all sit down and plan the ceremonies and the dates”.

Zaheer Khan And Sagarika Ghatge’s Love Story-4


Talking about their love affair that was kept private so long, Sagarika added:

“That’s the way we both are when there was something to share, we shared it. There’s a right time for everything.”

When Sagarika was asked questions about how the proposal was really like, she shared the most beautiful fact. Talking about Zaheer’s adorable
gesture, she added:

“It was a shock for me too as it came right amidst IPL season. We wanted to run away from the city as we had two days off in between matches. So he takes me to Goa for one day and that’s how the engagement happened.”



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For Chak De Actress Sagarika And Zaheer, Life Seems Like A “Fairytale Romance”!!

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