Top 10 Must-Visit Hideouts For Couples In India!!

Instead of expressing your love with the chocolates and roses, you can also take your partner on any one of the romantic getaways. There is no better place than this as they possess everything a lover needs such as breathtaking landscapes, exciting wine sounds, and beach-side walks, etc.

So, get ready to experience the special moments with your better half this valentine to make this day more memorable.

1. Naldhera (HP)

In the mid of Cedar forest, Naldhera is about 600 feet away from the town lives, and the Chalets Resort render the outstanding view of the mist-filled mountains. The fantastic golf course, pinewood cottages, restaurant and apple orchard in Mashobra make it a perfect spot for you and your partner this Valentine’s Day.

2. Oberoi Amarvilas (Agra)

There is nothing more romantic and alluring than a candlelight dinner beginning at the world’s most remarkable monuments. Taj Mahal.

You can see the glimpse of beautiful Taj from every room of Oberoi Amarvilas. This luxurious palace has reflecting pools, fountains, lush green gardens, etc.

3. Chateau D’Ori Vineyard (Nasik)

Just spend a day in the Chateau D’Ori vineyard with your better half and chill down. You can also sip a glass of Sauvignon Blanc there. It is set at the base of the twin hills, and with its Bordeaux style winery, swimming pool, remarkable farmhouse, plus three artificial lakes has made this place the best getaway for the valentine.

4. Gokarna (Karnataka)

This village set on the beach is a famous paradise for travelers. It is much unique from the most crowded Goa nearby. Just stay with your soul mate at the famous Om or quieter Kudle beach for a romantic evening.

You can share the best moments amid the sand, sun, and amazing cuisine. You can also take a trek to the nearby Paradise beach and Half-moon to see the view of the lovely green coastline. And if you love yoga, you can even join Sawswara retreat for a relaxed outing.

5. Serai (Karnataka)

Serai resort in the Chikmagalur region is set amid the majestic coffee plantations and it the perfect location to visit for the couples. With the ‘no kids allowed’ policy in the villas, jacuzzis, and pools, it has made the ideal spot for the lovers to share some private moments. You and your partner can also get a coffee massage at the Oma Spa resort.

6. Paro (Bhutan)

The beautiful valley next to the glacial waters of Bhutan’s river Paro is the ideal spot for the romantic couples. Just take a walk with your partner via the riverside or watch the scenic landscape of Rinchen Pung Dzong.

Or just make a Kyichu Lhakhang trek to the Tiger’s Nest. Alternatively, stare at each other eyes in the remarkable night over a hot bowl of Ema Datsi.

7. Bekal (Kerala)

This lesser known town in Kerala renders an outstanding blend of se, lagoons, and backwaters, etc. You can comfortably hike around the Mangrove trail of Malabar, and enjoy the superb view of the Bekal Fort or just take rest in the Erumadam (tree house) over the beachside while watching the beautiful sunset.

Moreover, you can also go to the nearby Valiyaparamba by hiring a cruise on the waters for a most remarkable romance.

8. Devi Garh by Lebua (Udaipur)

Just take a glimpse of the stunning sunset in the background of the Aravali Hills while going on a private sundeck. Or you can also chill down by eating a world-class dinner under the twinkling stars or eat you diner in the Rajasthani jharokhas.

This 18th century Devi Garh palace is right outside the Udaipur, and it will make your day. Everything is magical here as you will find an amazing black marble pool, a refreshing pool, and much more.

9. Munnar (Kerala)

Munnar is one of the most romantic sites in Kerela, especially for the lovers and nature enthusiasts. You and your partner will discover the endless charm and eye warming beauty of nature here.

10. Ooty (Tamil Nadu)

The site set in the outstanding hills of Western Ghats is the ideal one to cuddle up the better half amid the February chilly weather. You can even share the warmth and show your intimacy to your soul mate.

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Top 10 Must-Visit Hideouts For Couples In India!!

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