Rohtak Gang Rape: Jilted Lover Gang-Raped, Murdered & Mutilated With His 6 Friends!!

Rohtak gang rape: A 23-year-old woman has been kidnapped, gang-raped and brutally murdered, with her head smashed with a brick, barely 70 kilometers from Delhi.

The victim went missing from Sonipat on May 9, 2017, was found near the Industrial Model Township in Urban Estate, Rohtak, on May 11, 2017.

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Rohtak gang rape: Incident allegedly occurred on May 9, 2017…

The police have said that on Tuesday, she was allegedly kidnapped from her home in Sonipat and taken to the Rohtak.

But the body was recovered much later from IMT area of Rohtak after the incident. On Thursday, her body was spotted by an onlooker in the urban estate area of Rohtak.

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Head was smashed with blunt objects…

After the rape, the culprits ran a vehicle over her face to prevent identification. Stray dogs had bitten off the victim’s face and her lower portion of the body.

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The police officer Ajay Malik said:

“She was first gang-raped and then hit repeatedly with a brick on her head.”

Rohtak gang rape

2 Held…

The two men accused Sumit and 28-year-old Vikas have been arrested on the charges of murder, rape, and abduction.

The police officer said that 24-year-old Sumit who is a Dalit was an acquaintance of the victim.

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Nirbhaya-like gang-rape


She was kidnapped when she was on her way to work…..

The forensic team said:

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The detailed postmortem report says:

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Police stunned with the brutality after Post-mortem….

The Police were shocked to see the present condition of the body. The victim had been brutally raped and her body bore several injury marks.

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Police said that after the rape, the attackers mutilated her private parts.

The forensic team that conducted the investigation and said that the sharp-edged objects had been penetrated into her private parts.

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Her esophagus was missing and biting marks were seen on her chest.

The forensic team also found some drugs in viscera samples taken from her body.

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Police discovered her identity….

The police first tried to know the identity of the victim when the body was discovered at an empty plot in Rohtak.

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Their search led them to the missing complaint lodged in the Sonepat.

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The parents of the girl were called to Rohtak for body identification. They confirmed that it was their daughter’s body.

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The accused has been harassing her from the past one year….

The parents named the prime suspect Sumit who had been harassing her daughter for the past one year.

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They told the police that Sumit was their neighbor and had visited their home only a few days ago.

Sumit threatened her for the marriage proposal…

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The deceased had turned his marriage proposal following which Sumit threatened her with ‘befitting reply with terrible consequences’.

Protest against the release of juvenile convict in Nirbhaya case

Now, parents want justice for their daughter….

Rohtak gangrape victim’s family demands harsh capital punishment mainly death penalty for the accused.

They even claimed that neither the police nor anyone from the government has visited them so far.

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Meanwhile, Congress president Sonia Gandhi has expressed deep shock over the gang-rape and murder.

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The victim’s mother said:

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Just because she refused his marriage proposal such a horrible brutality was done to her…..

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Really such a horrible brutality that no one even thinks of but these demons really did it. They should be given such type of capital punishment that they tremble to think such a crime.

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Rohtak Gang Rape: Jilted Lover Gang-Raped, Murdered & Mutilated With His 6 Friends!!

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