Top 11 Daily Things You’re Doing Wrong In Your Lifetime✖

You use many things on a daily but have you doing it correctly?? Maybe you have been using these products all wrong in your whole life! Well, let’s check out then.

Right and wrong

1. Right and wrong way to sleep while pregnant.

Stop sleeping on your stomach while pregnant.

things doing wrong-13, Right and wrong

2. Right and wrong way to poop.

You need to take care of while going ‘number 2’. Actually,  when you sit on a toilet seat at a 90-degree angle, you form an obstruction in your intestines. 

things doing wrong, Right and wrong

You need to sit at a correct position.

3. Right and wrong way to sleep.

Have you noticed your current sleep position and are you facing at restful sleep??

things doing wrong-2, Right and wrong

Check out the right way.

4. Right and wrong way to wear earphone.

Stop Wearing Your Earphones the Wrong Way. Firstly, get a pair of earphones and take them behind your ears and then loop it around ears like in the picture.

things doing wrong-3, Right and wrong

5. Right and wrong way to pour juice.

Sick of the splash? Yo have been pouring the juice wrong all the time.

things doing wrong-4, Right and wrong

6. Right and wrong way to peel your fruits.

If you’re peeling your fruits like this, stop them now. Check out the correct way.

a) Strawberry

things doing wrong-5, Right and wrong

b) Mango

things doing wrong-6, Right and wrong

c) Pomegranate

things doing wrong-7, Right and wrong

7. Right and wrong way to cut bread.

things doing wrong-8, Right and wrong

8. Right and wrong way to tear off the foil paper.

You generally take the foil roll out of the package and then tear it off.

things doing wrong-9, Right and wrong

The right way is that on every aluminum foil cover, there’s a perforated tab on either side.

Punch those in to keep the roll in position in the box, and just take as much foil as you require.

9. Right and wrong way to cut a watermelon.

things doing wrong-10, Right and wrong

10. Right and wrong way to hold handlebars of the cycle.

When you grip the handlebars too tight, there is an unnecessary stress on your back and shoulders.

things doing wrong-11, Right and wrong

So, to ease up, shift your weight into your lower body by bringing your hips back to reduce tension.

11. Right and wrong way to hang toilet paper.

things doing wrong-12, Right and wrong


So, guys how many of you are doing it the right way??

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Top 11 Daily Things You’re Doing Wrong In Your Lifetime✖

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