Now Reliance Jio Users Will Get 224 GB 4G Data At Rs 509 For New ‘JioFi’..!!☺

Reliance Jio’s ongoing Dhan Dhana Dhan and Jio Summer Surprise offer will expire by the end of June so the company has brought another bumper offer for its customers.

Now, with a new offer, it provides its customers with high-speed data benefits, but this plan is limited to JioFi users only.

Reliance Jio-5, JioFi

Now, Reliance Jio has been offering its customers free or low-cost data by launching Dhan Dhana Dhan and Jio Summer Surprise in September last year.

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The company stopped its customers from buying recharges on a monthly basis to continue with the 4G data, unlimited calls, SMSs, and Jio apps subscription by setting up new offer again.

Reliance Jio, JioFi

The new Jio offer provides its customers with up to 224GB data on purchasing a new ‘JioFi device’ and a new Jio SIM card.

The users will have to sign up for the Rs. 99 Jio Prime subscription and then elect one of the recharge packs on which the offer is provided.Reliance Jio-7

However, it should be noted that in spite the high-speed 4G data benefits, Reliance Jio is providing with the new ‘JioFi router’ and ‘SIM’. JioFi router costs Rs. 1,999. 

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With this the customers can save data cost on a monthly basis, you will still have to make a payment to the Jio company for the hardware.



1. Under the Reliance Jio’s scheme, users will have to buy a new ‘JioFi device’ as well as new ‘Jio SIM card’.

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2. Customers will also have to buy Reliance Jio Prime plan at Rs 99.

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3. Now, Choose one of the recharge packs- Rs 149, Rs 309 and Rs 509.

Reliance Jio-10, JioFi


1. Rs 149 pack

Under the basic Rs 149 pack, Customers will get 2GB data for each month with 28-day validity for one year (12 recharge cycles i.e 12 x 28 days) with a one-time payment.

2. Rs 309 pack

Under the Rs 309 recharge pack, customers will get 1GB data per day for about 6 months (6 recharge cycles. Per recharge cycle of 28 days).

So, for Rs 309 pack, users will get a total of 168GB data.

This is twice the bundled data Reliance Jio under the Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan offer.

3. Rs 509 pack

Under 509 pack, customers will get 224GB data (2GB data per day) for about 4 months with per recharge cycle of 28 days.

This, too, is higher than the 168GB 4G data as customers will get with the Rs. 509 pack for a regular SIM card.

4. Rs. 999 pack

Under Rs. 999 pack, it provides 120GB data for 56 days. The standard Rs. 999 recharge plan gives users the similar amount of data for 120 days and in both the cases, there is no limit to the daily data consumption.

Reliance Jio-11, JioFi

All the above-mentioned recharge packs come with unlimited calls, SMSes and Jio Apps subscription.

The scheme is available only on the prepaid SIM cards, and both the  ‘SIM’ and ‘JioFi device’ can be purchased from the Reliance Digital outlets, online or from Jio retail stores.


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Reliance Jio Launches Dhan Dhana Dhan Offer Giving Unlimited Benefits At Just Rs 309!!

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Now Reliance Jio Users Will Get 224 GB 4G Data At Rs 509 For New ‘JioFi’..!!☺

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