8 DIY Super Cute Prom Hairstyles For A Glam Look!!

Prom is a magical night where every girl wants the perfect dress and perfect hairstyle for an ideal date. This high school function is competition among girls to look best on this day. Pick the hairstyle which suits your persona and other attributes such as body and face.

So, check out the hairstyles for medium to long hair length to look glamorous.

1. Crochet Braid Updo


a) Divide the hair into two equal parts and bring them to the front to start the crochet stitch.
b) Take a hair section at the top of the head and wrap the strand around your index finger and your thumb.
c) Fold the hair strand through to make a little loop.
d) Slide the index finger and thumb back into the loop and with another hand, just hold on the strand.
e) Select some hair with your thumb and mix the two strands.
f) Lose them via the hold and again pick the hair with your thumb and add it to the strand.
g) Loop it via the hole and repeat the same steps all the way down.
h) After reaching the area below the ear, include all the hairs into the stitch.
i) Pick up all the hair and loop it via and continue making the crochet stitch till you reach the end.

j) Now, pull the tip of the hair all the way down via the loop.
k) Tie it with a rubber band and make a hair loop using an elastic band.
l) Do a similar thing on another side of your head.
m) Collect all the hairs on the head’s back and fix the using bobby pins.
n) Insert a few bobby pins below and above the stitches.
o) Pick any accessory like as flower clips to complete the look.

2. Twisted Flower Crown

a) Spray dry shampoo on your hair for added volume.
b) Separate the hair from the remaining hair and then divide into two equal portions.
c) Twist the hair sections around each other and set the ends with bobby pins.
d) Pull the rest of hairs into a low and loose bun.
e) Pin the mini flowers to make a crown effect.

3. Side Twists


a) Crump up the defining cream into the hair and dry with a diffuser to enhance the natural texture.
b) Make a side partition and then divide the tiny sections horizontally.
c) Create a twist from each of those two small hair sections.
d) Set them using sparkly hair clips.

4. Disco Buns


a) Divide the hairs down the middle and then roll each side into a mini bun.
b) Combine the glitter flakes with clear hair gel.
c) Apply this unicorn blend to the hair roots with a hairbrush.

5. Chained Mermaid Braids


a) Make pony on the crown of head.
b) Turn the pony into the fishtail braids and pancake them
c) Roll the twists together and pin them in few places.
d) Drape the favorite chained necklace over the top of it and set them using bobby pins

6. Friendship Knot

You Will Need:

a) Bobby pins
b) 2 tiny hair rubber bands


a) Begin by combing your hair and take a tiny hair section from your part on either side of the head.
b) Join the two sections at the back of the head using the small clear rubber bands.
c) Flip this half-up hair section over once or twice to make a twist.
d) Take a hair section directly under the twist.
e) Split the part into three and start your braid by crossing the right piece over the middle ones
f) Then, pass the left portion over the right one.
g) Continue crossing the hair sections over to make the braid.
h) Set the ends with a tiny rubber band.
i) Stretch out the braid by pulling the sides of the braid.
j) It’s time to twist the braid into the bun by curving the braid around to make a rosette-shaped knot.
k) Tuck the braid ends under and pin it in its place with bobby pins.

7. Easy Half Up Prom

You Will Need:

a) Rat-tail comb
b) Curling iron
c) 5 to 7 bobby pins
d) Paddle brush
e) Medium hold hairspray


a) Divide the hairs at crown and mix it at the back.
b) Slide the few bobby pins over the hair section to keep it in its position.
c) Divide the hair section from the right side of your head.
d) Now, wrap this piece over the bobby pins from the crown section.
e) Roll it upwards and pin it into its place with 1 or 2 bobby pins.
f) With the hair on the left side, braid the section into a Dutch fishtail braid.
g) Continue braiding the part down the ends in a regular fishtail braid without adding the new pieces.
h) Return to the twist and pull on the edges to make it bouncier.
i) Wrap the braid under the top pinned section and flip the ends under itself.
j) Set it in its position with bobby pins
k) Finally, put the hairspray to smooth down the hairs.


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8 DIY Super Cute Prom Hairstyles For A Glam Look!!

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