15 Huge Mistakes Every Pregnant Woman Must Avoid!!

Pregnancy is the most special and the beautiful phase for every woman after their marriage. It is the best time when you need to take utmost care of yourself both emotionally and physically.

So, most women who experience pregnancy for the first time are unaware of the Do’s and Dont’s during pregnancy. And especially the expectant working mothers should take every possible precaution.


The feeling of the baby growing inside the womb is very special. Extended working hours, lack of physical activities, the nutritional diet you consume etc can be bad not only for you but also your newborn.


Here are some of the common mistakes that should be avoided to a great extent for a healthy baby:

1. Lack of sleep

Check if you are taking a proper sleep or not. Doctors suggest that a pregnant lady must sleep 10 to 11 hours a day.


2. Skip meals

A pregnant woman should not have long gaps between their meals.


They should take meals about three to five times a day and the diet should be fully rich in proteins such as crude vegetables and eggs for the proper growth of their fetus.


3. Intake of caffeine

Caffeine is very famous of increasing the risk of causing low birth weight or miscarriage in the baby. So, just try to enjoy more of decaffeinated tea and coffee, fruit tea and fruit juices.

4. Exposure to passive smoking

Most of the people don’t even know that the passive smoking is as much harmful as real smoking? So, just avoid going to any smoking-prone areas nearby.


Latent smoking can lead to critical health problems such as failed labor, premature birth, low weight birth, and unexpected new-born child death.


5. Improper Hydration

Insufficient intake of drinking water may cause serious complications during pregnancy.


So the doctors suggest that pregnant women must increase their total water intake level by an additional 300 ml per day during amid pregnancy and 700 ml per day during breastfeeding.

6. Munching senselessly

Almost all the woman love fast foods like pizza, burger and street food etc.


But you have to maintain patience for only nine months, as now it could affect on your upcoming child. So just straight avoid those junk foods as much as possible.


7. Do Yoga

In fats-changing life, you may not get time to work out, but walking in a slow and relaxed manner around may cause blood clusters, inflammation in legs and even varicose veins.


So, a pregnant woman should just avoid all difficult activities or any heavy weight lifting and just follow the basic activities. Yoga can prove highly beneficial during your pregnancy.


8. Avoid Liquor

Say ‘NO’ to liquor during pregnancy. Even a small amount of alcohol can cause fetal liquor disorder and might prompt barrier in birth abnormalities or cerebral growth.


9. Wearing seat belt in wrong way

Working mothers should avoid wearing the seat belt in a wrong way while driving.


The seat belt has to be positioned differently as its wrong use can definitely hurt newborn in case any unexpected accident happens.


The correct way to wear the seat belt is to take belt under the baby’s bump and not across the middle. The belt should pass just flat across the thighs and tight up against your hip bone with the seat belt between your chest.

10. Avoiding sex

Some women feel sexual during pregnancy and others feel like to avoid it every possible way. But you should not avoid it unless there’s a medical reason.


Sex actually jump-start labor. It softens the cervix and causes uterine contractions. You can try different sex positions
to make it more comfortable.


Note: Avoid lying flat on your back as it can compress the vein that returns the blood to the heart.

11. Don’t Sit in a Hot Tub or Sauna

Relaxing in the high-heat environment of hot tubs, saunas, and Jacuzzis, and may be too harmful to pregnant mothers.


In fact, research proved that using one of these during your first trimester may double the risk of miscarriage.

12. Visit Your Dentist

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends that Pregnant mothers have a routine oral health check up along with regular dental cleanings.


13. Get a Flu Vaccine

Pregnant women should get a flu vaccine as long as you don’t have a medical reason.


If you fall ill with influenza during your pregnancy, the risk of critical side effects is higher than in the women of the same age who are not pregnant. The vaccine will protect you as well as your developing baby.

14. Do Eat Seafood

Seafood is rich in vitamins and minerals like omega-3 fatty acids, iron, and zinc which are essential for both mother and baby.


However, raw or undercooked seafood can also cause few problems. Seafood may carry harmful viruses and bacteria which are eliminated when thoroughly cooked.


Also, pregnant ladies should avoid raw fish that may contain a high amount of mercury like as shark, king mackerel, swordfish, and tilefish. It’s better to eat a variety of seafood.

Note: Eat not more than 12 ounces of fish per week.

15. Avoid Early Delivery

The babies delivered at 39 weeks have better less respiratory distress and brain development and they spend less time in the hospital.




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15 Huge Mistakes Every Pregnant Woman Must Avoid!!

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