Viral: Mohali Policeman Was Beaten By A Man Due To……

Nearly four months ago, a new twist has happened in the case of the police inspector of Sohna’s Gurudwara Singh Shahid. The video of this incident is now doing rounds on the social media in which a policeman seems to be beaten by the youth. 

In the video, the reason for the assault on PCR personnel has also surfaced. The policeman had caught taking a bribe from the youth in lieu of the invoice.

It is worth mentioning that the video of the attack on a news portal is being viral. The conversation of the youth who beat up in it shows that Ravinder Singh demanded a bribe of Rs. 1000 in exchange for bicycling the bike and abused. In protest, the youth beat up the policeman.

It is being told that on the request of the bribe the youth started slapping the policeman while the policeman was unable to stand properly. Three youths have been arrested and sent to jail after registering a case against the youth who beat up the police in this case.

In fact, when the second video appeared in the matter, the actual incident was detected. In this case, PCR Incharge Bhupinder Singh said that he also saw the second video.

Whether the young man is talking about demanding bribe by the policeman, but in such a way, it is wrong to assault the on-duty police employee. The PCR personnel is also being questioned about this.

However, the villagers of the accused told that the policemen started cutting the challan when their bike number was broken. When the youth requested to leave, he asked for a bribe.

When the youth said that the challan was cut, the policeman talked about the impedance of the bike and he began to abusive.




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Viral: Mohali Policeman Was Beaten By A Man Due To……

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