PM Modi Puts Another Ban & This Time On Red Beacon To End VIP Culture!!

To end the uncontrolled VIP culture in India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi government has decided to remove it from the VIP cars. 

vip culture


According to a government, move taken on Wednesday only five constitutional posts, namely the President, Vice President, the Speaker of Lok Sabha, Prime Minister, and Chief Justice of India will be permitted to use the red beacons on their vehicles from May 1, 2017.

PM Modi Finally Ends The Era Of VIP Culture, Bans 'Lal Batti' On Vehicles.


This means that all others including state and union ministers, bureaucrats, and judges who have to use red beacons on their cars will have to pull them off.

Red Beacon 'Lal Batti' Banned From May 1, PM Modi Says 'Every Indian Is A VIP'


Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said announcing after a cabinet meeting that only emergency vehicles like ambulances, fire engines, and police vans can have that beacons “There will be no exceptions”.

Arun Jaitley


Mr. Jaitley added explaining what the government calls a decision to end VIP culture.

ban on red beacons, ban on red lights on cars, red becaons banned,


“Blue lights, used generally for the car preceding VIPs, will be permitted only for emergency vehicles,” he said.

VIP Culture Batti’ Banned From May 1, 2017!!

No Lal Battis From May 1, Modi Cracks Down on VIP Culture


The beacons will go but constraints will continue when the safest leaders of the India are in the decision, especially the PM or President.

Red Beacon 'Lal Batti' Banned From May 1


Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted yesterday evening on the lal batti ban.

Earlier, in 2013, the Supreme Court of India had also directed the Modi government to crack down on the in the misuse of VIP culture.

The Transport ministry had made the plan almost one and a half years ago and the move was taken after consultation with different stakeholders.

Recently the UP and the Punjab governments had declared the prohibition on the use of red beacon on all vehicles excluding those belonging to a few high rank.

Punjab chief minister Captain Amarinder Singh had said:

“It is a backward symbol which should have no place in a modern society like ours, where accessibility is a prime criterion in determining the the popularity of any leader”.

Captain Amarinder Singh


Two Chief Ministers have already abandoned red beacons – Amarinder Singh in Punjab and Devendra Fadnavis in Maharashtra.



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PM Modi Puts Another Ban & This Time On Red Beacon To End VIP Culture!!

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