Top Home Remedies Of Peepal Tree Recommended By Ayurveda!!

Peepal Tree is one of the amazing trees which is also known as “Bodhi” or the ‘tree of wisdom’. It was beneath this tree that Gautam Buddha attained enlightenment. It has amazing health benefits including its bark, leaves. 

1. Eye Pain

Tip: Applying the milk from the leaf of pipal tree in eyes.

Peepal Tree

2. Treat Dhat Syndrome

In the case of premature ejaculation, night fall and physical weakness in males, try this tip.

Tip 1: Use 1 spoon fresh leaves powder.

Peepal Tree-1

Tip 2: Spermatorrhoea (wet dreams)

Take Pipal + Khirnil + Bad Ficus bengalensis latex with batasa (made from sugar). Take 2 Batasha twice a day for 1 month.

3. Increase sperm count

Tip: For boosting fertility, Use its fruit powder.

Peepal Tree-2

For Infertility

It can women treat male and female infertility. Old aged pipal tree beard powder used to treat infertility.

Tip 1: Use bark or fruit powder with milk or water daily twice a day.

Note: Take Bark decoction + Milk in equal amount during menstruation.

Peepal Tree-3

4. Nose Bleeding

Tip 1: Pour 3 to 4 drops of fresh leaves extract in your nostrils. Finally, to avoid this disorder use 5-7 drops of pipal leaves.

Tip 2: Apply its leaves juice.

Peepal Tree-4

5. Intestinal Ulcer treatment

Tip: Use Pipal tree bark with cow-dung. Diabetes patient also uses this herb with honey in ulcer healing.

Peepal Tree-5


6. Snake Bite

The effect of poison will be removed using this tip.

Tip: Drink 2 teaspoons its leaf juice for 3 to 4 times.

Peepal Tree-6

7. Jaundice

Tip 1: Drink its leaf juice by adding mishri (candy sugar or rock sugar) 2 times in a day for about 3 to 4 days.

Tip 2: Take bark extract of Pipal + Moringa Oleifera, and take 2 ml twice a day for 1 week.Peepal Tree-7

8. Get rid of Stammering


a) Taking some of the powder of its bark with honey to make a paste.

b) Take this paste daily for a month and your speech would become smooth.

Peepal Tree-8

9. Remedy for boils

If you have boils on any of your body parts, and you can see the pus in it, then you must try this remedy.


a) Take a Peepal leaf and smear it with ghee.

b) Warm it a bit on hot pan and put a bandage on the boil.

Within a few days, the boil will burst and the skin will be cured.

Peepal Tree-9

10. Diabetes

If there is even a small cut or wound, the diabetic people suffer from prolonged bleeding once. By doing this, it will be healed instantly and the blood outflow will be prevented.

Tip 1: Apply a paste of Peepal and Neem leaves over the bleeding wound.

Tip 2: Take peepal fruit power taken along with Haritaki fruit powder.

Peepal Tree-10

11. Instant treatment for fever and flu


a) Boil 5 peepal leaves in milk and add some sugar.

b) Take this remedy twice daily.

This remedy can even provide relief to asthma patients.

Peepal Tree-11

12. Cough

It is believed that people suffering from a cough and asthma problems, can treat themselves by taking its bark especially during ‘Sharad Poornima’.


a) Take peepal tree bark and remove its outer layer.

b) Dry it out under a hot sun and use this powder afterward.

c) Prepare kheer and add 5 to 10 gms of peepal Bark powder in it.

d) Put this medicated kheer under the moonlight for 3 to 4 hours and eat it.

Note: Avoid sleeping during that night. It will show incredible results.

Peepal Tree-12

Tip 2: For a chronic cough and paralysis

Boil its leaves in milk and take this daily.

a) On the first day, take 3 small Pipal leaves and boil it in 1 cup milk + 1 cup water.

b) Filter this and take it.

c) On the second day, cook 6 (3+3) leaves cooked in a similar way and taken.

Peepal Tree-13

13. Ankles Stretch

Tip: Apply its leaves juice.

Peepal Tree-14

14. Maintains cardiac health

If you want to relieve from cardiac problems, then try this tip.

Tip 1:

a) Take few peepal leaves soaked in water overnight and extract the liquid the next day.

b) Store it in a clean white bottle and take it in small quantity thrice daily.

Peepal Tree-15

Tip 2: For Heart Blockage

a) Take 15 fully grown green leaves of Peepal.

b) with the help scissors, cut the up and the down portion of the leaves.

c) Clean it with water and boil it in a glass of water until it becomes 1/3rd.

d) Allow it to simmer on a low heat.

e) When it becomes cool, strain it and put in a cool place.

f) Divide it into 3 doses and take thrice a day (with the intervals of 3 hours at least).

Peepal Tree-16

The person who has recently faced a Heart attack, he can give a gap of few days then use this medicine. The regular dosage of it for 15 days minimized the chances of Heart attack.

Tip 3: For burning sensation, foul taste, thirst, biliousness, heart disease, eat its ripe fruits.

Peepal Tree-17

15. Urticaria (Hives) treatment

Tip: Use the mixture of peepal leaves, ghee, and black pepper.

Peepal Tree-18

16. Face dullness

Get the lost radiance and freshness back. Peepal has anti-aging properties and hence treat wrinkles and dullness.

Tip 1: For wrinkles or scars

Peepal Tree-19

a) Get a bark of peepal tree at home and dry it out in sharp sunlight.

b) Make its powder and store in some bottle.

c) Take 1 full spoon of this powder and add honey into it.

d) Mix them well to make a paste and apply onto your face.

e) Do this once daily for a month.

Tip 2: For Dry skin, take its fresh juice and latex and apply it on dry skin.

Peepal Tree-20

17. Treats stomach disorders

Tip: Prepare Pippal leaves tea and drinks it.

Peepal Tree-21

18. Treats Swollen Lymph Nodes

Tip: Apply the paste of Peepal leaves on the affected area.

Peepal Tree-22


19. Cures Hysteria and Epilepsy

Tip: Drink Pipal leaves extract.

Peepal Tree-23

20. Asthma

Tip 1: Mix equal quantities of its fruit powder and bark and consume it.

Tip 2: Take its dried fruit powder with water or honey.

Tip 3: Mix the powdered bark with rice pudding. Take it in the early morning.

Peepal Tree-24

Tip 4:

a) Take either a few peepal leaves or its powder and boil it along with milk.

b) Then, add sugar and drink it twice in a day. 

21. Cures severe digestion disorders

Tip 1: Constipation

a) Take half a spoon of peepal leaves powder with an equal amount of aniseed powder (saunf) and jaggery.

b) Have this with milk twice a day before bedtime.

Peepal Tree-23


a) Take few peepal leaves and dry them out in scorching sunlight.

b) Make its powder once dried and store in a container and consume it daily.

Tip 2: Abdominal pain

Peepal Tree-25

Take 5 to 10 gm of its leaves powder and have it twice a day with milk.

Tip 3: For malabsorption, eat 4-20 fruits for one month daily.

22. Treats physical weakness

Tip: Use 1 spoon of its fruit powder with sugar candy daily.

Peepal Tree-26

23. Wounds, burns, and ulcers

The bark decoction is used to treat wounds and ulcers.

Tip 1: Sprinkle fine powder or apply the paste of its leaves or bark on the wound.

Tip 2: For burns, boil crushed leaves in coconut oil and apply.

Peepal Tree-27

24. Dysentery

Tip: Take soft peepal leaves and add few leaves of coriander leaves along with a sugar and chew it slowly.

Peepal Tree-28

25. Dental Care

Do toothbrush with its fresh twigs new roots which are very good for teeth and mouth as it kills the bacteria present around the teeth.

Tip 1: For a toothache, Bark decoction is used as gargling or its bark juice is used as mouthwash which strengthens gums and gives relief against pain.

Peepal Tree-29

Tip 2: For mouth ulcers, sprinkle the root-bark of a tree on the affected areas.

26. Diarrhoea

Tip: Cook its tender leaf cooked in milk and consume.

Peepal Tree-30

27. Increases memory

It strengthens the nervous system and acts as a brain tonic.

Tip: Take the powder of its bark is taken with milk and sugar.

Peepal Tree-31


28. Piles

Tip 1: Get extract of its bark and take 2 ml twice a day for 1 month.

Tip 2: Take Pipal leaf + 5 Black pepper+ 1 Karela to make a paste. Consume 5-gram paste twice a day for 1 week.

Peepal Tree-35

Tip 3: Pipal bark + Bad Ficus bengalensis bark + 1 Gudhal Hibiscus rosa-sinensis flower+ Pakar Ficus rumphii bark to get their extract.

Note: The barks should be in equal quantity and take 5 ml of this extract twice a day for 2 to 3 weeks.

29. Ringworm

Tip: Apply its latex on the infected part topically.

Peepal Tree-32

30. Sexual weakness and dysfunction

Are you facing problems like low sex drive, impotence, ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction etc.? Then, you should try this.

Peepal Tree-33

Tip 1:

a) Boil tender twigs (1/2 kg) in water (4 liters) until the quantity of water is reduced to 500 ml.

b) Cool and filter this decoction.

c) Add sugar (2 kg) and take 30 g of this solution daily with milk, sugar candy, and butter.

Tip 2: For Sexual weakness, use the decoction of its bark.

31. Urinary disorders, vaginal discharges

Tip 1: For Leucorrhoea (white discharge)

a) Take 10 gm of its bark and boil it in a half liter of water.

b) Filter it when 1/4th of the water is left and take it twice a day.

Tip 2: Mix equal proportions of its fruit pulp and sugar and take it orally with milk.

Peepal Tree-34

Tip 3: Eat its dried fruits.

Tip 4: Use Pippal leaves extract 5 to 6 spoons daily.

Tip 5: You can also use fresh leaves powder at home.

32. Treats Fever and Cold


a) Take it’s few tender leaves and boil them along with milk.

b) Now add sugar and then drink this mixture twice a day.

Peepal Tree-37

33. Body Pain

Tip 1: Take orally its dried leaf powder mixed with water.

Tip 2: For rheumatism, Pipal roots + Jalpihri Commelina longifolia roots, are dried and make its powder. Take 5 grams of this mixture with honey for 1 month.

Peepal Tree-36

34. Insanity (Mental Illness)


a) Boil 2 to 3 tender leaves in 100 ml milk until the milk condenses.

b) Now, add sugar according to taste and consume it.

Peepal Tree-38

35. Syphilis

Tip: Boil its bark in milk and take or take its young bud.

Peepal Tree-39

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Top Home Remedies Of Peepal Tree Recommended By Ayurveda!!

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