Patiala SHOCKER: Businessman Assaulted, Teared Uniform Of Cop For Stopping His BMW..!!👮😲

29-year-old Himanshu Mittal was driving his BMW on the wrong side of the road in Patiala’s Khanda Chowk, when he was stopped by a policeman, asking for his license and other documents.

Police said that he had neither his driving license nor he has the car’s registration documents with him.


According to the report, Mr. Mittal was arguing his way out of showing the documents, and the whole affair blew out of hand when he simply got out of the car, threw abuses at him and eventually slapped him.

The businessman refused and a heated argument turned into a full-blown dispute.

Constable Prakash spotted Himanshu Mittal’s luxury sedan driving on the wrong side, the matter quickly escalated.


Mittal sent to 14-day custody…!

A case has been registered and the businessman has been arrested for punching. And he was sent to 14 days police remand on Wednesday.

Constable Om Prakash was not badly injured in the physical assault.

One of the onlookers filmed the whole incident of Mr. Mittal attacking Om Prakash on Tuesday. And that video clip of the violent encounter quickly went viral on the social media.

In the video clip, Mr. Mittal can be clearly seen on the camera both verbally and physically abusing the constable Om Prakash.

He even punches at his uniform at various points in a two-minute long viral video.


Constable Prakash also hit him back as tempers fly. At one point, he can be seen trying to kick Himanshu Mittal. However, the bystanders and other police officers immediately step in to separate the two of them.

No doubt that the road rage is a violent behavioral issue that the people around the world have to deal with, but that doesn’t mean that you go around slapping law enforcement police officers for doing their job especially when you’re faulty.

But in this case of Himanshu Mittal of Punjab, that is exactly what has happened.





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Patiala SHOCKER: Businessman Assaulted, Teared Uniform Of Cop For Stopping His BMW..!!👮😲

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