Texas Woman Nabbed For Mailing Bombs To Obama And Greg

A female booked with mailing deadly homemade bombs to former President Barack Obama and Greg Abbott (Texas Governor ). Previously in the year 2016, she was arrested for carrying a cigarette box, cat hair, and shipping label possessing her address.

According to an accusation, 46-year-old Julia Poff (Fireworks shop worker), mailed the devices in Oct last year with a third package that she sent to the Social Security Administration closer to Baltimore.

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Out of the three boxes, only Texas Governor opened this. The court documents said that it didn’t explode the bombs as “HE DIDN’T OPEN IT AS PACKED.”

According to the documents registered this week in the district court in Houston that a massive jury accused her this month on six counts, including mailing dangerous articles and moving the incendiary device with the intention to kill and wound.

As per the court document from November 17 detention hearing, Federal investigators said the bombs sent to Greg Abbott has a salad dressing cap, a cellphone plus a cigarette packet. It also added that the same device was sent to Barack Obama and even to the Social Security Administration.

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The court document said that the box sent to Texas Governor came in a package still having an “eradicated shipping label” addressed to Poff. The cigarette used in the device possess a Texas tobacco stamp helps to search out the store from where it was bought.

Moreover, the federal court documents displayed that bank card records of Poff displayed cigarettes purchase at that store and the two inflammatory powders in the box matched materials encountered in the home of Poff.

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As per the detention hearing court document, the Inspectors discovered Poff to the package sent to Barack Obama as the cat hair suspected under an address label and FBI crime lab matched the hairs to the cats of Poff. And they encountered that it “microscopically sample” with one of those animals according to the court filing.




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Texas Woman Nabbed For Mailing Bombs To Obama And Greg

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