Bay Leaves: Powerful Way to Fight Diabetes and Heart Diseases

Diabetes is a life-long disease that causes the blood glucose to hike above normal, and it is known as hyperglycemia. When it comes to controlling it, you need to be extra careful about what to consume and what’s not. Besides following stringent dietary guidelines, including the right foods in your everyday diet help you control your blood glucose effectively.

What is a Bay Leaf?

Tej Patta (Bay Leaves, Laurus nobilis, or Malabar Leaf) is the most common Indian herb that comes from the aromatic evergreen tree native to the Mediterranean region. People use it in the preparation of a wide variety of dishes to add pungent flavor and nutrition.

This culinary spice is used widely in Western countries. The whole leaf is not consumed directly. Instead, it’s added in the curries and then simmered for its pungent flavor.

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Researchers have found that bay leaves contain:

-Phytonutrients that enhances the heart function
-Enzymes that break down the proteins and also promote healthy digestion
-Compounds help in the prevention of cancer


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-Vaginal infections
-Urinary infections
-Slow healing of cuts and wounds
-Frequent urination
-Weight loss or gain
-Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
-Tiredness all the time
-Numbness of feet/hands
-Blurred eyesight
-A rise in the levels of hunger and thirst

Types of Diabetes:

a) Type-1 Diabetes (T1B)

Type-1 Diabetes (insulin-dependent diabetes) is a chronic condition of glucose metabolism that occurs due to the damaged beta cells of the pancreas. Or you can say that the pancreas generates very less or no insulin. And if the level of the blood sugar is not managed correctly, it poses further complications like interferences in the lipoprotein serum concentrations that lead to abnormal lipid metabolism likes hyperlipidemia.

bay leaves for diabetes

This further leads to arteriosclerosis and heart disorders. Type-1 usually occurs in childhood and adolescence. The patients need lifelong treatment and get dependant on insulin injections for survival.

b) Type-2 Diabetes (T2D or Adult Onset Diabetes)

T2D is most common in comparison to type-1 diabetes. People facing type-2 diabetes can produce insulin, but the cells in the liver, muscles, and fat tissues are not effective in regulating glucose and absorbing the insulin. Due to this, the body tries to compensate by having pancreas produce more insulin.

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However, the pancreas slowly loses the ability to generate sufficient insulin, and the cells do not get the required energy to function well. It is a progressive condition that means that the longer someone has it, the more assistance they will expect to manage the glucose blood level. And the person may need more medicines and injected insulin after some time.

How Does it Help?

Tej Patta has essential nutrients and minerals such as vitamins A, C, and folic acid. Usually, this culinary spice is used in the curries, soups, and rice dishes. This herb protects the heart, prevents digestive problems, and also helps the patients to get rid of depression. But it can also help diabetic patients to regulate their blood sugar level to a considerable extent. Few of the bay leaf varieties also possess eugenol that has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties. However, they contain the anti-oxidants and vitamins that lower the stress & anxiety, decrease the fever, and enhance the immune system. These leaves are also beneficial in treating inflammatory-related disorders and arthritis.

In one study conducted by the Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition, the participants with the type-2 diabetes were divided into four groups with offered the capsules of 1 gram of bay leaves powder, and other two groups are given 2 to 3 grams of powder. The fourth group was offered a placebo. Every person was asked to consume the capsules for thirty days. 1 to 3 grams bay leaves has shown a considerable improvement in the people facing type-2 diabetes when consumed for the thirty days. Due to the presence of phytochemicals and essential oils in it, it also improves glucose metabolism. The hypoglycemic effects also enhance the capillary functioning and lipid metabolism. It means that taking just a handful of the bay leaves daily for a month can reduce the risk and complications related to diabetes and cardiovascular disorders.

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The active agent in bay leaves polyphenol controls glucose levels and lipid profile. By including them into their daily meals, the patients can enhance their insulin functioning. Besides this, the study also showed a 20 percent increase in HDL cholesterol and a 26 percent reduction in total cholesterol including triglycerides and LDL cholesterol. The phytonutrients found in bay leaves enhances the heart functioning and also prevent heart strokes and other common heart complications. However, it’s discovered that one of the phytonutrients known as quercetin is too much strong that researchers are now working on the different ways to get cure cancer. Therefore, by taking this wonderful herb, you can enhance your the liver and heart.

Another study has found that the blood glucose and lipid level has significantly affected the people facing type-1 diabetes. 55 patients with type-1 diabetes were chosen and divided into two groups. 45 of them were asked to consume capsules having 3 grams of leaves daily for thirty days. The remaining patients were given the placebo capsules. The patients were allowed to consume their regular diabetic medications and follow a routine diet. Along with this, they were asked to take bay lea powder after their meal for four weeks. Every capsule has 500 milligrams of bay leaf that means that the patients have consumed 23 grams daily.

Results have shown that the patients that consumed capsules showed a decrease of 27 percent glucose serum after one month. High-density lipoprotein hiked 20 percent, and Triglycerides decreased 2 percent. The total cholesterol that was lowered was 21 percent after thirty days with a huge reduction in lipoprotein (LDL) 24 percent. But there are no changes in the placebo group. It means that the consumption of the bay leaf capsules results in the reduction in the LDL, total cholesterol, and glucose levels. However, the HDL levels have increased.

Ayurvedic Remedies for Diabetes:

Ayurveda describes diabetes as the chronic disorder that lowers the functioning of digestive system and results in high blood sugar. Diabetes occurs due to the imbalance of the three doshas- Kapha, Vata, and Pitta. However it can’t be treated fully, but you can manage it by taking a healthy diet and doing daily exercise.

For the treatment of Diabetes:

Tip 1: Aloe vera gel + Turmeric + Bay leaf

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You Will Need:

a) ½ tsp turmeric
b) 1/2 tsp bay leaf powder
c) 1 tsp aloe vera gel


Combine all the ingredients well and consume this blend two times a day before lunch and dinner.

Note: It’s best to take the advice of your doctor before taking this concoction because this concoction could hugely reduce your blood sugar level.

Tip 2: Tej Patta + Milk

Take bay leaves powder combined with milk to lower bad cholesterol and normalize blood circulation.

Tip 3: Bay Leaves Oil

This amazing oil helps to promote insulin functioning and also lower the blood glucose, cholesterol, and lipid level.

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Add bay leaves oil to your daily bath.


You Will Need:

a) 5 drops of Bay leaf oil
b) 5 drops of Cinnamon oil
c) 10 ml of Olive oil
d) 5 drops of Clove oil
e) 5 drops of Rosemary oil


a) Massage your body with the oils mentioned above.
b) Then follow a refreshing bath diluted with one drop of Lavender oil and Bay leaf oil.

Tip 4: Bay Leaf Drink

You Will Need:

a) 7 to 15 fresh bay leaves
b) 3 glasses water


a) Wash the leaves well and boil them in 3 glasses water till it gets reduced to only one glass.
b) Let the mixture to cool down and the filter out the leaves.
c) Take this herbal drink before your meals two times a day.

Note: It’s best to use ceramic or glass pan for boiling as they enhance the medical properties well.

For Improved Heart Functioning:

Tip 1: Wild Rose Flowers + Tej Patta

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You Will Need:

a) 3 grams of bay leaves
b) 3-4 grams of wild rose flowers


a) Boil bay leaves and wild rose flowers in 300 ml water until only 75 ml remains.
b) Filter and drink this concoction to get relief from heart diseases and anxiety.

Other Remedies that Can Help:

-Add turmeric to your everyday diet.
-Add one cup of water in the copper vessel at night time and drink it every morning.
-Soak methi powder in water and drink it every morning.
-Avoid the excessive use of dairy products, carbs, and sweets. Instead, consume fresh veggies and bitter herbs like bitter gourd, bitter melon, etc.
-Drink ginger tea to boost digestion and lower kapha.

How to Use Bay Leaves for Diabetes?

It is essential for the patient with diabetes type 1 and 2 to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle. Just note that a spoonful of the herb is sufficient to manage the blood sugar levels.

-Consume tej patta along with your regular anti-diabetic medication.
-Add whole bay leaves to your curries and soups.
-Grind the leaves and make a dry powder to add it in your meals.
-Add one spoon of powder while cooking.

Caution While Choosing Bay Leaves:

If you are consuming bay leaves for therapeutic purposes, get alert because many experts warn the people that it can be deadly. Just note that Kalmia latifolia looks same as bay leaf, but the Herb Society of America has found it to be toxic. Besides this, some people also sold California laurel (i.e., Umbellularia californica) as California bay leaves. The experts have found that it can cause respiratory distress when inhaled and even ruin the central nervous system. The real bay leaves are expensive. So avoid buying them from any local health and wellness store. It’s best to grow the tree in your own garden or order Laurus nobilis leaves online. But make sure you select a reputed retailer.


Diabetes is attacking the people daily. This disease can even harm your internal organs badly. Therefore, it’s better to cure it as early as possible to prevent conditions such as hearing problems, low sperm count, impaired vision, erectile dysfunction, nervous problems, kidney disorders, etc. Don’t ever ignore the disease and cure it with the safest method.

Disclaimer: This content is not for educational purposes and contains general information only. It’s not a replacement of the medical opinion. Always take the help of your doctor or specialist for more details.


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Bay Leaves: Powerful Way to Fight Diabetes and Heart Diseases

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