One Of Biggest Star Of The 1940s, Nalini Jaywant’s Death Remained A ‘MYSTERY’…!!😲

Anybody who is a fan of a golden era of Indian film industry, remember Nalini Jaywant’s death.

Nalini Jaywant was the 40s and 50s popular Actress. In the relationship, Kajol’s grandmother was Shobhana Samarth’s first cousin. 

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Death: 20 December 2010, Chembur, Mumbai

But when Nalini died in the year 2010, for about three days, his body was lying in his house at Union Park, Chembur, Mumbai.

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The FIR was not registered by the Mumbai police for the mysterious death.

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Nalini lived alone since 1983…!!

The beautiful lady had been living alone in Mumbai since 1983 in Union Park and after that, she was found dead suddenly.

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Three days after her demise, there were reports that she had passed away following mysterious circumstances.

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When he died, he was 84 years old….!!

According to one of Nalini’s neighbors, an unknown person who seemed to be a distant relative came, kept Nalini’s dead body in the ambulance and run away.

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No FIR, No dead body was filed informed the Police…..!!

The police said that there was no complaint in the matter. Chembur police station senior inspector B. Rathore confirmed this.

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Nalini Jaywant was all just 15-years-old when she made her debut in the Mahboob Khan’s film ‘Behen’.

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In the year 1951, she got an attractive photo shoot done for ‘Life magazine’ for which she dressed in a bikini.

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Nalini did many films opposite actor Ashok Kumar. So many movies they have done together that people had started linking them up.

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Nalini was always a passionate actress……!!

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Although, Nalini was always passionate about her acting that she never got her due in the film industry.

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Personal relationship….!!

Nalini was in the 40s with the director Virendra Desai. He later married the another actor, Prabhu Dayal, with whom she had worked in several films.

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Nalini Jaywant with Prabhu Dayal


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One Of Biggest Star Of The 1940s, Nalini Jaywant’s Death Remained A ‘MYSTERY’…!!😲

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