Call Your Mom Now This Mother’s Day Without Thinking Twice!

This Mother’s Day Micromax India pays tribute to the mother of the nation. And how we avoid her in spite of everything. It also describes that nowadays people don’t have time to call their mother and still she waits for that one call.

We are all guilty of hanging up on the mother or cutting the call when we could have easily spoken two words of concern. Yes, it’s because of neck-to-neck race and fast changing life that has brought us nearer to our dreams but far away from her.

But are we actually short of time? Or short of words?

Are we afraid that our mother won’t understand what we are talking about? Worried because, she, who brought us into the new world, is apparently not a part of our lives anymore?! Sadly, we all know the answer to this question.

Dou you know what your Mom feels when you cut her call??

Mother's day

This mother’s day (14th may 2017) Micromax is sending out an important message that will tell you the better.

Most crucially, it will open your eyes that what pain a mother goes through when you cut her call and a simple call looks like a lot to do.

Mother's day-5


But don’t beat yourself up or feel regret. That will not make her smile. Instead feel her special. Call your mother and thank her for all that she that she has done all her lifetime for you.

Mother's day-4

After all, what better than on mother’s day occasion and tell her how much she means.

Mother's day-2

So, pick the phone and spread a smile to your mom. 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day Guys! 🙂 


Don’t think about it. Call your mom now…..

Mother's day-3


Watch to know  ‘what does a mother want.’ 


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Call Your Mom Now This Mother’s Day Without Thinking Twice!

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