Marina: “Ram Rahim Is A Sex And Drug Addict And Used to Call Me Late Night”💉😮

Model cum actress Marina Kuwar massive revelations. She said that rockstar Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim used to call her inside his secret Gufa and touched her badly.

Every day you see new and stunning secrets are being made about Dera chief ever since he has been imprisonment in the 2002 rape case in which he got accused of raping two sadhvis.

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And this time, it was model Marina Kuwar who is revealing eye-popping secrets of Ram Rahim.

Marina Kuwar: Baba Touch Me the wrong way…..

Bollywood starlet has blamed Baba of touching her inappropriately. In an interview to a news channel, Marina said that he offered her movie and took her inside his secret chamber.

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He even called her for some meeting many times and used to call her his ‘BETI.’ 

She alleged that when she went there, he indecently hugged her and she got very uncomfortable with his lousy touch. After that, he started touching throughout her body. 

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In addition to this, he always used to sing a song whenever she met him: “YOU ARE MY LOVE CHARGER.” 

Marina Kuwar

Marina Kuwar also unearthed that once Ram Rahim took her inside his bedroom and asked her not to take tension about the money or any other lavish things.

“Gurmeet Singh is a drug and sex addict”: Marina…..

Marina Kunwar even went on to the extent of claiming that Gurmeet Ram Rahim is a drug as well as a sex addict and use to take a lot of cocaine and alcohol. 

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The actress further added that she tweeted about these secrets six months back. In fact, she said that after getting warnings from Dera people, she deleted that tweets.

Marina ‘s boyfriend’s allegations on Honeypreet…..

Now when Gurmeet Ram Rahim and Honeypreet are in jail, and not only Marina but also her boyfriend said something about the Dera Sacha Sauda Chief and his adopted daughter Honeypreet Insan. He said that Honeypreet used to call him and wanted to maintain a physical relationship with him.

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Honeypreet disliked Marina because Baba was getting close to her…..

Marina told that Honeypreet Insan hated her as Ram Rahim who was trying to get closer to her. She was always there whenever baba met the model. 

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He used to do all those bad things before Honeypreet. In fact, she also said that Gurmeet used to make Marina laugh and even contacted her on the Internet.

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She recently took to Twitter and asked everyone to support her in this matter…




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Marina: “Ram Rahim Is A Sex And Drug Addict And Used to Call Me Late Night”💉😮

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