Do You Know Where Did The Different Mango Varieties Name Came From😋??

The scientific name of mango is “Mangifera indica”. Mango species are called Mangifera. In the Philippines, the king of fruits is considered a national fruit.

And In Bangladesh, “mango tree” has is titled as “national tree.”


Where did the name “mango” and “Aam” come from?

In Sanskrit language, it is called “Amrah.” It has got its name “Mango” in Hindi, Bengali, Maithili, Marathi, etc languages.


At the end of 1490, the Portuguese people took mango and also its name from Kerala with spices. They used to call it “manga.” And then the word Manga became “Mango” in English.


There are many common Indian varieties of mangoes like Chaunsa, Langra, Dasheri, Alphonso, Himsagar and Totapuri etc which have the interesting story behind their name.


History Behind Different Mangoes Name😋😋😋:

1. Alphonso

This variety got its name from the second governor Alfonso de Albuquerque who strengthens the Portugal empire in India.


2. Langra

It is believed that approximately 250 years ago, a lame man had grown this variety. So its name got it from that lame man.


3. Dasheri

In a Dasheri village near Lucknow, this variety was first grown. So, it got its name from that village and you will be shocked to know that it’s the first tree is alive till today.


4. Chaunsa

It is believed that when Sher Shah Suri won the fight of chaunsa which is near Patna. That why the name came from.


5. Gulab Khas

Gulab Khas name got its name from the pink color and the fragrance of rose.


6. Totapuri

This variety got its name because it has the beak and color like that of parrot and that’s why it is called “Totapuri.”


7. Safeda

This mango variety has a light white shade. So it is called “Safeda”.


8. Sinduri

In this mango variety, apart from the green color, it is the red color that can be seen. So it is called “Sinduri”.


9. Hathi Jhool

Hathi Jhool is quite heavy in weight (about 3kgs). It seems like the elephants are swinging on trees. That’s why it is called “Hathi Jhool”.


10. Kesar

This peel of this variety is the same color as “Kesar” which is mainly found in Gujarat. That’s why they are called “Kesar”.



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Do You Know Where Did The Different Mango Varieties Name Came From😋??

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