Why Love Marriage is Better Over an Arranged?

Pay attention, guys, and gals, as you know marriage is the amazing part of everybody’s life. Every person wants to marry a perfect match, but in our society the criteria for selecting the partner is different. In an arranged marriage, our family picks the partner for us as per their experience. But in love, both prefer to choose their partners on their own.

In India, we see a lot of rape cases with each passing second and a lot of cases are due to the consents is given by the families of the girls. Many women live with this disastrous trauma and behave like everything is normal because she was feared by the people around her and even his own family that her husband is like ‘God’ for her and she has to obey her every order. All this is bullshit!!! If the men can’t control themselves when they spot the girl on the street at night, how can you think do they behave with the women in their bedroom? So, check out the reasons why love is a lot better than arranged marriage.

1. Both Know Each Other Well

How can you think of marrying a stranger? Yes, in arranged marriage it seems like ‘Do anjaane ajnabi, chale baandhne bandhan.’ But in case of love marriage, the couples in love know each other in and out plus mutually decide to spend their entire life with each other. You already know the likes and dislikes of your partner. So, this becomes the most significant advantage to a successful marriage.

2. You Are In Love With Your Partner’s Favorite Color

What is your favorite dish, color, and place? These are the common things which the other partner asks you after tying a knot. So how can you ask everything in just one or two meets? But when you decide to marry your love, you don’t need to waste your valuable moments in asking such silly questions “apko kya pasand hai.”

3. I am proud of you

When you fall in love, you always be thankful to God for gifting such a lovely partner, and you feel proud of being very lucky. Your lover loves you the way you are. He ignores your mistakes and tries to ensure that you don’t repeat it next time. I mean what else do you need? But in the arranged marriage not all partners motivate you. Few of them demoralized you instead of encouraging you when you commit any mistake.

4. No Pain No Gain

Yes, in the love marriage, the partners happily accept every challenge which comes their way without hurting each other. The couples bear every pain to achieve the love of life.

5. You Already Know Family of your Partner

We say that it not marriage between two people but between two families. In love marriage, your love introduces you to his family member, and you get attached to them as well which make you get rid of the concern about post-marriage adjustments.

But this is not the case in arranged marriages. So would you like to spend your entire life in the family you are aware of or the ones whom you don’t know well?

6. You Treat Each Other Equally

When you are in deep love with other, you never think of hurting or abusing your partner badly.

7. No Dowry

Even in this modern world, few people, demand hefty dowries for marriage. I mean how shameful it would be. We know that girls are not less than boys in every sphere so why the families still believe in such a system. Not the poor ones but well-educated families of the brides have to pay them a demanded amount of money along with stuff they desire. Be it a luxury car, refrigerator, high-cost gifts, or a bungalow. Plus, they have to fulfill their every wish.

Even after marriage and if the family of the bride refuses their orders, they ill-treat their daughter. But opposite is the case in love marriage; you never force the family of the bride to be to pay the hefty price for happiness of their daughter. You husband to be never does something which would end their charming relationship.

8. Loyalty and Commitment Matters

Marriage is not just about being good in bed but is all about the loyalty and commitment towards your partner. Being in deep love keep you to stay in loyal and committed to each other and this way the love marriage is the best one to opt.

9. Love Keeps You Closer To Reality

Knowing each other perfectly help you to stay away from building palaces in the air. But when you marry a person out of love, you seem to imagine like this ‘Raja ki aaegi baaraat rangili hogi raat.’ Being loyal to other never tries to expect something that can bring disappointment in your life.

10. BFF’s For Life

Some people that priorities change when you opt for marriage, and you slowly tend to lose all your close friends in your life. But have you thought of spending a lovely life you will have if you marry your best friend as life partner?

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Why Love Marriage is Better Over an Arranged?

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