Get Rid of Those Nasty Stubborn Using Leftover Lemon Peels!!

Don’t throw those peels after squeezing your lemons! Use can it as whole – juice, rind, pulp and all. 

The leftover lemon peels can be used to clean countertops, sinks, stovetops, toilets, spills, or other surfaces.

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Lemons are a versatile fruit and use for cleaning, cooking, household, beauty, and much more.


1. Clean sinks and bathtubs

Tip: Sprinkle some baking soda into a wet bathtub or sink and scrub these surfaces using the cut side of a lemon.

lemon peels

This method will remove grime and makes bathtubs and sinks shinier.

2. Sanitize Cutting Board

Cutting Board has a lot of bacteria so the antibacterial properties of lemon peels refresh cutting boards.

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a) Take a half squeezed lemon and rub the inside of lemon peels over a cutting board for a couple of minutes that has been sprinkled with a coarsely ground salt.

b) Wash it well and allow it to dry.

3. Remove grease or underarm stains on clothing

If you have a cut up lemon that has been squeezed, use the remaining pulp to remove those nasty stains.

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a) Rub the half lemon on underarm stains or grease on the garments.

b) Leave it overnight.

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For tough stains, sprinkle some baking soda over the lemon-soaked stain and then scrub and wash it as usual.

4. Clean your microwave


a) Add lemon rinds to a microwave-safe bowl half filled with water.

b) Cook on high for 5 minutes allows it to boil.

c) Remove the hot bowl and wipe away the creepy mess with a towel.

lemon peels-4

5. Clean coffee pots or tea kettle

To clean those mineral deposits in your tea kettle use this tip.


a) Fill the kettle with water and add a handful of thin slices of lemon peel.

b) Boil it and then turn off the heat.

c) Leave it for about an hour, drain, and rinse it well.

lemon peels-6

For cleaning coffee pots stains use this trick.


a) Simply add lemon peels with some salt and ice (a cup or two).

b) Swirl everything for few minutes until stains are completely removed and the dump and wash it up.

lemon peels-5

If stains are stubborn, leave the mixture in the coffee pot and soak for few hours or overnight. Wash coffee pot well before using it again.

6. Grater Cleaner

Get rid of dried food from your Grater by just rubbing with the pulp of a cut up lemon.

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7. Clean hard water stains on shower doors

Hard water stains are due to minerals present in the water reacting with your soap.

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a) Take lemon peels and sprinkle the salt inside it if needed.

b) Simply, rub it directly over the shower doors.

c) Wash it well when it is totally cleaned.

8. Chrome Polish

Remove the mineral deposits on your chrome faucets and other tarnished chrome using this simple trick.

lemon peels-9


a) Rub with a squeezed half lemon.

b) Rinse and lightly wipe it with a soft cloth.

9. Stove Top Humidifier

If your home suffers dry heat during winters, Just try this. You can also throw in some cloves, orange peels, and cinnamon sticks.

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Tip: Put lemon peels in a pot of water and simmer it on the lowest stove-top. This humidifies the air and adds a wonderful scent.

10. Make dishes sparkle and deodorize

Lemon not only works as a degreaser, but the citric acid present in lemon removes the nasty spots from dishes. Add lemon peels to your dishwasher it will help in deodorizing it.

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Tip: Throw lemon rinds with the pulp into your dish water to remove grease, dirt, grime, or stains and make silverware and glasses sparkle.

11. Freshen drawer sachets

a) Dry lemon peels (either in the sun or in a dehydrator) and put them inside of fabric sachets.

b) Add spices, as needed such as cinnamon, cardamom, clove, and nutmeg.

c) Place in drawers to freshen it.

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12. Make your metal shine!

a) Simply sprinkle some sea salt on the metal, and then by using lemon peel scrub the stains away.

b) Rinse and wipe it with a clean cloth.

lemon peels-12

13. Firelighters

Tip: Bake the leftover lemon peels until they get darken.

lemon peels

These create natural fragrant firelighters. So cool it in the time for grilling season!

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Get Rid of Those Nasty Stubborn Using Leftover Lemon Peels!!

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