Couple Clicked Incredible Shots Of Their Another Two Sets Of Twins😍😍😍!!

Photographer Juliet Cannici and her wife Nikki captured a shot of their two sets of twins that have won many people’s hearts of the internet and we can’t help but crave more photos of their adorable children!

A newborn photo shoot that did not go as planned ends up giving magical pictures of sibling love.

Nikki And Juliet Cannici
Nikki And Juliet Cannici

After Cannici uploaded her pictures of all her four children that immediately go viral on the internet.

“I hope when people look at that pictures they can see the real happiness.” 

Two Sets Of Twins-11

These toddlers absolutely adore their new baby sisters…

Two Sets Of Twins-3

Twin girls named Gia and Gemma were born on Jan. 26.

Two Sets Of Twins -1

Photographer Juliet Cannici and her wife Nikki Welcomed two sets of twins.

Two Sets Of Twins-4

Their family greeted the arrival of two new members of their family with a special photo shoot.

Two Sets Of Twins-1

The family has their two other children which are also twins named Siena and Nico.

Two Sets Of Twins-5

The two older siblings were especially excited about greeting their new baby sisters. 

Two Sets Of Twins-6

Cannici told:

“They spent months bundled up with mama’s pregnant belly, singing and talking to the unborn kids. Now that they are here, they are unbelievably gentle with them, and they love holding and feeding them. It is so stunning to watch.”

11 days into their lives on this planet, Cannici decided to bring her whole family in to grab pictures. Sadly, the pictures just didn’t seem to be coming out right.


Two Sets Of Twins-7

“I was so set on catching pictures of Siena and Nico holding the babies in the outfits I had rented” she explained.

“But Siena and Nico were SO bored with me, the pictures looked awful. I was upset.”

Two Sets Of Twins-10

After fighting for years with fertility, Cannici and her wife are joyful than ever with their huge family and potent bond! 

Two Sets Of Twins-9

After a small break, she decided to try something unique. She had them all bundled up and that suddenly brought a change into the pictures.

“They instantly held hands and wrapped the other arm around their new twin sisters”.

Cannici explained about the huge change. “I got them to smile by asking them to ‘act crazy,’ which they recently decided is just a funny saying.”

 “Few times a day Siena and Nico say ‘I just love my baby sisters. I will keep them safe forever.’” 


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Couple Clicked Incredible Shots Of Their Another Two Sets Of Twins😍😍😍!!

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