20 Common Household Items You Didn’t Know Has Expiry Dates!

Do you know the products we use every day become the breeding ground of disorders and germs if not replaced with time? So, check out the list of everyday items you didn’t know has an expiry date.

1. In the Bedroom

a) Pillows (2 to 3 years)

With time, pillows of any kind become a home of dust mites and can also lead to neck pain due to its particular loss of shape.

b) Slippers (6 months)

The slippers are the ideal environment for spreading fungal infection and thereby, they must be washed well as often as possible.

2. In the bathroom

a) Shower puff ( 6 months) and sponges (2 weeks)

Shower puffs and sponges begin to breed fungus and mold. But you can kill the bacteria that might be spreading by boiling the synthetic and natural shower puffs in the warm water.

b) Towel (1 to 3 years)

A wet towel is ideal for bacteria growth, and even frequent washing is the best solution for this issue.

c) Toothbrush (3 months)

You must replace your toothbrush when the bristles get worn down. But just remember that you also have to purchase new toothbrush after experiencing cold or flu otherwise you will pose this illness again.

d) Hydrogen peroxide (2 months)

A closed bottle of Hydrogen peroxide must not store it for more than one year. After you open this bottle, this converts into the regular water in just two months.

e) Bleach (3 months)

After three months bleach tends to lose it potency. With time, this household laundry product has reduced disinfectant qualities and also become entirely ineffective of cleaning.

3. On the Dressing Table

a) Hairbrush (1 year)

Hair brushes must be cleaned one time a week and must replace it once a year. If it’s a comb with natural boar bristles, then you need to replace it one time in every 7 to 10 months.

b) Perfume and eau de toilette (1 to 3 years)

Eau de toilette and perfumes that has essential oil in them last only for just three years when closed. In fact, you can keep Eau de toilette for four years when closed and for two years when opened.

4. In the nursery

a) Child car seats (6 to 10 years)

With time, the foam and plastic of child car seats start declining. Thereby, the car seat loses its shape and no longer safeguards the kid. So, it is recommended to buy a new car seat for your kid instead of using a second hand one.

b) Pacifier (2 to 5 weeks)

The Latex pacifiers must be replaced instead of how long they are used and how do they look. They break quite easily, and the cracks might become the breeding ground for the germs.

5. In the Wardrobe

a) Bra (1 to 2 years)

The bra loses its shape, elasticity and get too small or big or become uncomfortable to wear with the passage of time. So, replace it without any regret.

b) Running shoes (1 year)

After you have crossed 250 to 350 miles, your sneakers begin losing their cushioning and grip and thereby lead to more stress on the joint of the wearer.

6. In the Kitchen

a) Flour (6 to 12 months)

You can store the excellent quality flour for six months and the high grade for one year.

b) Spices (1 to 3 years)

The spices tend to lose their smell and taste with time, so, you must not keep the ground spices for longer than six months.

c) Wooden Spoons (5 years)

Wood is more permeable than the metal and plastic that means that they are more prone to germs and therefore you need to replace them with the time. After five years, if the wood becomes soft, become dark or has faced cracks, then this is a sign that wood is rotting and become a home to bacteria.

7. In the Pantry

a) Mosquito repellents (2 years)

The mosquito repellents are no longer useful after two years.

b) Power strips (1 to 2 years)

Any power strip has a specific capacity, and if you exceed this, your power strip becomes terrible and may lead to critical issues too.

c) Fire extinguishers (15 years)

If your fire extinguisher gets damaged like as crack in the hose, then you must avail its repair services as soon as possible.

d) Disinfectants (3 months)

After three months, the disinfectants begin losing their effectiveness.

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20 Common Household Items You Didn’t Know Has Expiry Dates!

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