7,200kg Ivory Tusks Seized By Hong Kong Customs Officials From Malaysia…!!

Hong Kong customs officials make the largest of ivory this week with more than $9 million in the city’s biggest transport in the 30 years on Thursday. 

They collected it in the mid illicit wildlife seizures fuelled by the growing demand from the China.

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It is estimated that 7,200 kg (15,873 lb) of ivory tusks valued approximately HK$72 million ($9.22 million) representing between 700 and 1,000 dead elephants at a cargo warehouse alongside the city’s harbor.

The former British colony located at the mouth of Pearl River Delta of China is one of the top international transit hubs of the world for the endangered species and their products, like a shark fin,  rosewood furniture, and pangolin skin.

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The Customs and Excise Department said that the Customs officers discovered that elephant tusks in an in a 40-foot container from a shipment from Malaysia that had been labeled as frozen fish beneath which officers found the tusks.

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Customs and Excise Department officials

Endangered Species Protection Officer Timothy Lam, special Investigation Group Head Wan Hing-Chuen and Ports Control Group Head Chan Wan-hung addressed a news conference in Hong Kong, China.

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Customs official Raymond Chan said:

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Taken from 720 elephants…!!

Conservation group WildAid estimated that the ivory tusks had been taken from nearly 720 elephants.

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Hong Kong agriculture, conservation, and fisheries department said they are studying the shipment’s final destination, probably a nearby country.

China, Singapore, and the U.S. have all banned the ivory trade….!!

Hong Kong

A special administrative region of HK and China has fallen behind other places, including China in adopting hard rules against ivory trading and other endangered species.

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Regulatory loopholes allow the traders to use a collection of legal ivory as cover to smuggle illicit ivory to unsuspicious buyers like groups like WildAid and World Wildlife Fund.

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China, Singapore, and the U.S have all prohibited the ivory trade with China closing down all the work by the end of 2017.

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HK has been doing ivory business for more than 150 years…!!

Hong Kong included ivory into fashionable jewelry and sculptures, but the activists sad that illicit hunting is leading elephants towards extinction.



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7,200kg Ivory Tusks Seized By Hong Kong Customs Officials From Malaysia…!!

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