3 Best Yoga Poses for Herniated Disc

Herniated Disc is a painful condition, and it occurs when the discs get placed between your vertebrate tear, and the interior of the disc stands out. This problem is caused commonly due to the chronic flexion (forward bending) movements, mainly while picking up a heavy load. When the intervertebral discs become compressed and increase outward (or in some instances rupture), it results in the critical lower back pain too. It may occur in any part of your spine, but the lumbar spine gets affected mainly in most cases.


-Sports-related injuries
-Degeneration of the spine with wear, age, and tear

Do Yoga Treat Herniated Disc?

Yoga not just gives you relief from the excruciating pain caused by herniated disc, but also cures other symptoms such as numbness/tingling in the legs and back. It also lengthens the tight hamstrings. So you should try them under the guidance of an expert.

Yoga Poses:

1. Camel Pose


a) Kneel on the floor and keep your hands on your hips.
b) Put the top part of your feet on the mat and lengthen your spine.
c) Bend backward slowly while placing both hands on your heels.
d) Stretch your neck and turn the head backward.
e) Slide both hands to the soles and stay in this pose for several seconds.

2. Locust Pose

This position helps to stimulate blood circulation and boost flexibility.


a) Lie on the floor on your belly.
b) Use ad soft padding if needed.
c) Stretch your arms along your body and res your forehead and face on the floor.
d) While you breathe, lift your head, chest, legs, and arms off the ground.
e) Make sure that your arms stay flat and legs are straight on the sides.
f) Now spread your toes and fingers.
g) Remain in this position for several seconds.

3. Cobra Pose

This pose is a backbend exercise which helps to stretch your arms, shoulder, and muscles in the front section of the torso.


a) Lie on the floor with both your palms flat and keep it beneath your shoulders.
Note: Make sure that your feet tops must be flat on the floor.
b) Draw the belly button inwards and tilt your pelvis section.
c) Press your palms and spread your fingers.
d) Bring your shoulders backward.
e) Then push your upper part of the body surface and keep your arms straightened.
f) Plant your feet, legs, and hips firmly on the floor.
g) Tilt your chin upwards and lift the chest.
h) Stay in this pose for several seconds.

How to Use them for Pain Relief?

The backward bending position helps you to strengthen your posterior ligaments and muscles which keep the damaged disc in its place. Daily practice of such type of yoga helps in making the spine fit and stable. To get rid of the acute pain due to the disc, you can try yoga asanas such as matsyakridasana and makarasana.

They help you relieve the pressure on damaged nerve roots. As the pain gets lowered, you can switch to the backward bending yoga poses. When you face mild pain, do Cobra and Bhujangasana poses. After some time, you can even try poses like Dhanurasana, Ardha shalabhasana, and Poorna shalabhasana. After trying them, you need to take rest in rest in Shavasana. It is best to do in the morning.

Note: For the first few months, avoid doing forward bending pose as they can make your condition even worse. Also, you should refrain cross-legged sitting asanas as they result to the pressure on the nerve root.

What Diet You Should Have?

While practicing these asanas bring your relief forth pain due to the herniated discs, so you should eat a semi-solid diet which includes a lot of veggies. Avoid taking eggs and fat-laden dishes during this time.


You should stick to the advised yoga poses and safe exercises during the recovery period. To protect your back after disk injury, avoid all seated forward bends and rounding your back. Also, if the pain stays, avoid bending forward past 90 degrees with the straight knees.

So, a veteran and trained physical therapist can assist you better in mastering them. In case you feel pain while doing it, stop doing them immediately.

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3 Best Yoga Poses for Herniated Disc

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