10 Teas That Help You Boost Brain, Slim Down And Sleep Better

Sip to a happier, healthier days with these powerful brews. Try out these 10 herbal teas for various health ailments such as a headache, insomnia etc.

10 Teas To Try Out When…..

1. Ginger tea -When you have a HEADACHE.

Knock out your headache and nausea with ginger tea. Slice few spicy root and boil them up in hot water for herbal tea.


2. Black tea- When you have BAD BREATH

Forgot to brush your teeth?? Don’t worry. 1 cup of Black tea can help you from embarrassing bad breath. The antioxidants present in green tea can curb out the plaque from your teeth.


It has also been proved that rising mouth with black tea can stop the bacteria growth and destroy the acids that cause tooth decay.

Note: Don’t replace your toothpaste with black tea as it can stain your pearly white teeth.

3. Nettle tea- When you have ENERGY SNIFFLES.

Stop energy sniffles with nettle tea. Itchy nose and throat, red and puffy eyes are the worst part of allergies. Nettle tea has also been proved to improve itching and sneezing. 


Note: The NYU Langone Medical Center declared that the dosage should be 300 milligrams twice a day of freeze-dried nettle tea. You can also add honey and other herbs as per your taste.

4. Peppermint tea- When you have BELLY WOES.

Stop all your unhappy stomach problems (constipation, bloating or gas) with peppermint tea. For the best results, use loose-leaf peppermint steeped in a teapot.


5. Licorice tea- When you have SWEET TOOTH.

If sugar cravings are your biggest shortcoming, try out licorice root tea which is naturally sweet which has only two calories per cup. Licorice root is 50 times sweeter than sugar.


Note: Drink licorice tea in moderate amount. The University of Maryland Medical Center warns that more than 20 grams of it in a day can cause high blood pressure and other diseases.


6. Oolong tea-When you have FASTER CALORIE BURN.

Oolong tea actually contains larger amounts of the polyphenols that help in weight loss.


The study conducted by U.S Agriculture Research Services Diet and Human Laboratory showed that people who consume Oolong tea burned 67 more calories per day than who don’t.


Drink 4 cups a day of metabolism boosting oolong tea.

7.  Passion flower tea- When you have JITTERS

Cure your jitters, try out passion flower tea, a calming herb that is first used by Native Americans to relieve from mega stress levels and anxiety.


It has also been used to cure insomnia and hysteria according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. Passion flower tea also helps you sleep better.


Add a few drops of Passion flower extracts to a hot beverage before bedtime or steep the dried herb in boiling water and sip it the whole day.

8. Green tea- When you have 3 p.m. CRAVINGS

Brew up a cup of green tea that magically keeps you fell full. Green tea also gives you energy so you won’t sneak here and there for food to eat.


And most importantly, it helps keeps your body from storing fat.

9.  Ginkgo tea- When you are feeling UNINTELLIGENT.

Boosts your brain power with Ginkgo tea. It not only wakes you up but also helps the brain in metabolizing glucose for energy to improve the mental function.


Ginkgo tea also makes sure that the brain gets proper nutrients it requires to solve even the hardest crossword clue.

10. Valerian tea- When you want to get to SLEEP

Curb out all the restless nights due to stress with the Valerian tea. Valerian root has been used for many health problems including menopausal hot flashes, muscle pain, anxiety. 


And the most importantly, Valerian tea is the most common natural agent that helps you sleep better and without any hassle.



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10 Teas That Help You Boost Brain, Slim Down And Sleep Better

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