6 Bollywood Couples With Happy Arranged Marriages

Almost every person at some point in time has madly fallen in love before marriage. While not everyone is lucky enough to marry the one they loved. Breakup and rebound are quite common in the life of Bollywood stars.

There are a lot of actors who had affairs in the past, then parted away, but today they are happily married. But few found love after they got hitched. They once are unlucky in a relationship and did arrange marriage as per the wishes of their parents. So, check out the list of Bollywood stars who decided to move on in an arranged marriage after failed love affairs.

1. Raj Kapoor

Nargis and Raj Kapoor met for the first time when they are shooting for the film. The biggest showman of Bollywood fall in love with Nargis, and they both remain the partners in nearly 16 films. Nargis was attracted to the actor and was ready to marry him. But Kapoor was a family man, and so he decided not to take a step further and then the actress got into depression.

Raj Kapoor did arrange marriage at 22 with 16-year-old girl Krishna Malhotra in the year 1946. She has everything got which his family wanted (conservative and traditional). She has always stayed in darkness but continues to support the quests and aspirations of her bubby. Then, they got blessed with five children.

2. Karisma Kapoor

Karisma Kapoor has an affair with actor Abhishek Bachchan. Both the families also declared their engagements, but the fans got a big shock when suddenly the engagement to canceled. The whole thing encouraged rumors, but the families fail to confirm the actual reason behind split.

She then moved on and married Sanjay Kapoor. They both married in the year 2003 and had to children but things did not work well as she planned so, they parted. Even Sunday had claimed that she married him because of he was rich. They also fought for the custody of children but then Karisma was a winner.

3. Shahid Kapoor

Shahid and Kareena Kapoor were in a relationship for three years, and they were thought of as a perfect couple of the Hindi cinema after their film ‘ Jab We Met.’ After some time they broke up.

Now the actor has married a sweet and simple wife Meera. He and his father are the prominent followers of religious group ‘Radha Swami Satsang Beas,’ and the parents of Mira have similar faith too. They broke the goals of the age stereotypes as the compatibility factor and got blessed with the beautiful baby girl Misha.

4. Madhuri Dixit

Madhuri Dixit is dating Sanjay Dutt in the 90s, but soon after he got arrested for the Bombay blasts in the year 1993, she decided to apart. Rumors also said that the actor was ready to divorce her wife Richa, but it all failed.

Now, the ultimate diva of Bollywood got her real-life hero, Dr. Sriram Nene. She says that he is the supportive husband. Shockingly, at the time of their engagement, her husband doesn’t know she is the famous actress. They got married in the US and later on blessed with the two sons.

5. Vivek Oberoi

Aishwarya and Vivek Oberoi were madly in love with each other. When the actor got agreed to be a part of the controversial show by Karan Johar ‘Koffee with Karan’, he was asked the question: ‘Aish in Hollywood or Hindi films?” to which he replied ‘Aishwarya in my arms.’ After which they broke, and then Vivek accused Salman of threatening him. Then Vivek got married to Priyanka. Their families introduced them, but it was love at first sight for them.

6. Neil Nitin Mukesh

Actor Neil Nitin Mukesh and Sonal Chauhan were dating each other. He even said that he wants to marry her. But Sonal refused the marriage proposal, and soon their relationship could not stand well.

The actor got engaged to Mumbai girl ‘Rukmini Sahay’ as per his parent wishes. Both got married on 9th Feb 2017 in a destination wedding in Udaipur. Before the grand wedding, they two had Roka ceremony at a five-star hotel in 2016. She belongs to the aviation industry, and their families know very well.

So, cheers out to these celebs as they have ultimately got their perfect life partners after love break up!!

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6 Bollywood Couples With Happy Arranged Marriages

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