DIY Best Friend Gift Ideas On Friendship Day 2017!!

Friendship day 2017 is almost here guys. You met so many people, they come and go but true friends are the ones who stay around with you forever. So it’s a special time to cheer up and make your best friend feel special with these fabulous and trendy gift ideas.

1. Wooden Letter Covered in Photos

You can use any alphabet to create this amazing photo collage.

Friendship day

2. Photo collage star

Friendship day-1

3. Bestie Scrapbook

Scrapbook never seems to be the oldest idea. So try out something like this.

Friendship day-2

Friendship day-3

Friendship day-4

4. Clock picture collage 

Friendship day-5

5. Tassel Bracelet 

Friendship day-7

You will need:

a) Gold thread
b) Colored Beads
c) Jewelry closures and clasps
d) Clear fish wire


1. Knot end of the clear fish wire. String 2 to 4 different colored beads on fish wire in the desired pattern.

2. Knot the closure on one end and knot clasp on the other end.

3. Make a tassel with gold thread by wrapping a gold string around one hand many times.

4. Remove from hand and cut the string end.

5. Squeeze two sides of string circle together and thread a small piece of a string via center.

6. Pull both ends tightly at top of circle.

7. Tie into a knot.

8. Knot the whole circle at the top end that has been tied and pull it tightly.

9. Cut the bottom of the loop to make a tassel.

10. Tie tassel onto closure and knot many times.


Friendship day-8

6. Why I Love You Gift in a Jar

Friendship day-9

7. Open When envelopes

Friendship day-10

8. Moon filled with chocolates

Friendship day-12

9. Handmade card

Friendship day-13

10. Puzzle Friendship Necklace

11. Made a video that includes best memories with your bestie.

Friendship day-14

12. Make a Bestie Bucket List

Friendship day-6

Happy Friendship Day guys in advance!!!

Friendship day-15


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DIY Best Friend Gift Ideas On Friendship Day 2017!!

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