Fraud Company International Telecom Co. Ltd (

My name is Gurpreet Singh, and I am working in one of the reputed company. I am here to file a complaint against my fraud client Abdullah Sahab. A few months back, we signed a contract with our new client for the mobile app development services. Actually, it was a Saudi Arabia based company named International Telecom Co. Ltd (URL:

Fraud Company International Telecom Co. Ltd
Here you can see a memorandum between International Telecom Co.Ltd and my company

He has signed all the agreements as well. We agreed for a specific price and started to work officially.

Fraud Company International Telecom Co. Ltd-1
Here you can see the agreement signed by their COO, Abdullah, and our CEO.

My organization has provided all his requirements on time. We also sent him regular updates regarding his task. The problem here is that he disappears from time to time. Now I’m waiting for him for over six months. Many times, I tried to contact him but didn’t get any response from his side till date. Moreover, he also declined for the pending payout.

Fraud Company International Telecom Co. Ltd-2
Here you can see another screenshot of agreement between us

It is my humble request to everyone who is currently working with ITCL, this company is a fraud and never ever trust them. They will take all your services, and at the time of payment, they will escape without any prior intimation. Furthermore, it is my personal advice to all the members who are currently associated with them that ask for your payment time to time so that you will not suffer like me.

Now, I have left the hope that I will get my money, but I just want to alert who is working with this fraud company or willing to work with them, never trust this company.

ITCL company is a Fraud and declined for payment after taking all the services. Even, we were regularly in touch with their employees and sent regular updates to them to the assigned task. We have sent emails and trying to contact them over the phone calls as well. But, all our efforts have gone in vain, and we didn’t get any response from them. I am also mentioning their employee names that were in contact with our organization.

1. MajedAlshammari
2. EbtesamAlkhalaf

“Never trust ITCL in future, it is totally fake and fraud company”

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Fraud Company International Telecom Co. Ltd (

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