NEET Exam 2017: 4 Women Teachers Suspended Over Bizzare Dress Code!!

Kerala school suspends 4 female teachers as they asked the female candidate to forcefully remove her bra before entering the exam center for the NEET Exam 2017.

She appeared for the NEET on May 7, 2017. When the metal detector beeped, she was allegedly ordered to take off her bra.

With just a few minutes left to the exam, she had no choice.

Another student says she had to change out of her jeans exam center for medical colleges on Sunday. They were told it was for “security”, to prevent cheating.

Her mother said:

“My daughter went inside the center only to return a few minutes later to hand over her bra”.

She also added that she had to travel 2.5 km at 8.30 AM to change the “dark-coloured lowers”.

CBSE asks the principal of the Kerala school to apologize to the female teen who was asked to take off her bra but defends the harshness of the dress code as a measure to ‘secure the divinity’ of NEET exam 2017.

The directive for the apology came after CBSE chairman R.K. Chaturvedi met HRD minister Prakash Javadekar in New Delhi.

NEET Exam 2017

NEET exam 2017

TISK English Medium School Kovvappuram (Kunhimangalam) officials said the teachers are responsible for that and were suspended by management authority for 1 month.

Teachers Sheeja, Shahina, Shafeena, and Bindu were in charge of enforcing the strange dress code for the NEET exam 2017.

Principal, Jalaluddin K, said:

NEET exam 2017

He was surprised at the claim that a student was asked to remove her underwear.

NEET exam 2017-13

“I don’t know where this is coming from,” he replied.

The father had to buy a new dress for her from a shop 3km away from the exam center.

A student who came in jeans at the center was allegedly told its metal buttons are a problem.

Her father Rajesh Nambiar said:

NEET exam 2017

Lakhs of students all over India appeared in the NEET test for undergraduate medical courses. 

NEET exam 2017-9

Unable to remove the earrings, one of the students from Bengaluru was not permitted to write the NEET exam.

NEET exam 2017

The jeweler is cutting the ear stud of the student with pliers and she is hurting with pain.

NEET exam 2017-1

A student getting late for reaching exam center Army Public School Bengaluru.

NEET exam 2017-2

Male students too had a distressing experience as they had to cut the long sleeves of their shirts.

NEET exam 2017-3

A candidate at Kunhimangalam in Kannur Kerala said:

“It was a troubling as I had to remove my top-inner wear when the metal detector beeped”.

She even had to remove her black pants as dark colors are not allowed.

Girls had to untie her hair to show that were not concealing prohibited things.

NEET exam 2017-4

Mother cutting the sleeves of a student

NEET exam 2017-6

A man helps his wife take off her earrings outside an exam center in Bhopal.

NEET exam 2017-7

A candidate removing a religious thread from his wrist.

NEET exam 2017-8

Girls remove hair clips.

NEET exam 2017-10

Checking of candidates appearing for NEET Exam

No Jeans!!

NEET exam 2017-12

Do’s and Dont’s For  NEET Exam 2017 

Candidates have to wear light half sleeves clothes not having big brooch/badge, buttons, flower etc. with Salwar/Trouser. Candidates have to wear Slippers not shoes.

For Male:

Light color clothes like Jeans, Pant, Shirt (half sleeves only). The button of the shirt should be medium size not big enough. The Kurta Payjama not allowed. Shoes are also not allowed. Wear only sleepers or sandals.

For Female:

Light clothes with half sleeves not having big buttons, flower, brooch/badge, etc. with Slippers, sandals, Salwar/ Trouser, with low heels are allowed. Shoes are also not allowed.

What is Allowed/Not Allowed in Exam Hall:

Allowed Not Allowed
Slippers and Sandals only SHOES
Half T-Shirt, Shirt FULL SLEEVES Shirt or T-Shirts
Trousers/Jeans Watches
Doctor Prescribed lens specs only Sun Glasses
Leggings/Churidar Braclets
Lowers Rings/ Chain/ Necklace etc. (any type of jewelry or ornaments)
Jeans Hair Clips/ Big Rubber Bands etc.
Salwar Big buttons, brooch/badge T-Shirts
Kurti/Top (Half-Sleeves) Saree (Married or Unmarried)
Tiny Rubber Band Bangles not allowed (only married can wear)
Mangal Sutra  Burka, Cap, Kurta Payjama


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NEET Exam 2017: 4 Women Teachers Suspended Over Bizzare Dress Code!!

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