Foolproof Ways To Make Your Mehendi Dark & Long-Lasting!

dark and long lasting mehndi
Every bride is worried about how dark will her bridal mehendi turn out. According to the old wives’ tale – the darker your henna, the more your husband will love you. While this saying might not have a significance in reality, every bride wants her bridal mehendi to look rich in colour.


Follow these easy tips to make your bridal mehendi dark and last longer.

1. Go chemical free

2. Washing is a prerequisite


3. Apply Eucalyptus oil

4. Lemon and sugar to the rescue

lemon n sugar

5. Clove steam does the trick

6. Stay away from water

7. Do not blow dry your mehendi

8. Shaving or waxing is a big no!

9. Leave it overnight

10. Apply a balm or cooking oil



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Foolproof Ways To Make Your Mehendi Dark & Long-Lasting!

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