Feng Shui For Singles: Find Love Quickly With 14 Best Tips

Feng Shui can improve the love luck of men and women a lot and make them getting married soon or engage them in a long-term relationship. With the simple changes, you can convert your life into a love magnet. So, check out the ways for singles to get success in different stages of the relationship cycle.

1. Use Charming Flowers

-To attract a man

Tip: use green spherical shaped vase and fill it with white flowers.

-To attract your dream woman

Tip: Use white spherical vase and fill it with red flowers. Pick the right color combination of the fresh flowers.

Note: Ensure that the vase is either spherical or cylindrical.

2. Make a Cozy Seating Arrangement

Furniture arrangement plays a vital part in the relationship of a person and changes his life forever. Single chairs signify that you are lonely plus you have not spaced for anyone else in your life. In fact, placing a chair at the correct angles to each other will signify that you are ready for a relationship.

Tip: If you are seeking love, make an elegant seating arrangement including chairs, sofas. Etc.

3. Find the Love Corner

In Feng Shui, the SouthWest corner of your home is the “Relationship Gua.”

Tip: Decorate love seat with adjustable lighting in this love area. If you want to be more creative, paint one wall red, white, or yellow in the Southwest.

4. Share Your Space

As per Feng Shui, if you are single and want to attract your love, you must have an extra room or your love.

Tip 1: Clean out one of the two drawers and leave some empty hanger in the closet.

Tip 2: Keep an extra toothbrush in the bathroom or make space in your CD rack.

The best way to do this is to prepare a list of the things or places which your partner might be using and then follow this. When you are willing to share space with someone special, you will get romantic proposals soon.

5. Set Your Bed Away From the Wall

The incorrect bed placement can ruin your love life and even stops you in seeking love. So, push it against the wall to make love enter your life. It will not only attract positive energy, but also there will have sufficient space to walk on either side. Also, the direction of our head while sleeping affects your love relationship.

Tip: While sleeping, avoid pointing your feet directly at the door.

6. Add Colors

Make your life colorful by adding shades in your bedroom such as pink. Adorn the walls with beautiful pictures and paintings. In fact, red or pink colors will enrich your love life significantly.

Tip: Soft shades such as coral or rose in your bedroom will help to lure a gentle partner while the bold colors such as scarlet, burgundy, and crimson will attract a passionate lover to your life.

7. Keep TV Out of Your Bedroom

It is not considered right when it comes to a relationship. The late night TV kills the romance in you.

Tip: If you are facing difficulty in sleeping, try to read romantic novels or lover poetry

8. Put Red Threads Under Your Pillow

If you place red threads which have the same length than you pillow under it, you will attract more lover.

9. Bed Sheet, Quilt, and Pillow

Choose a red color for the bed sheet, quilt, and pillows a sit brings good luck in love with the opposite sex.

10. Place items in Pairs

Put two items in your room to bring love to you like as a pair of lovebirds, two elegant candlesticks or 2 quartz hearts, etc.

11. Window Flowers

Tip: Put a bunch of red flowers at your room window to attract your love.

12. Make a Wish Before Sleeping

Before sleeping, ensure to make as a wish from your heart in your bedroom, and the God of Marriage will surely bring good luck.

13. Use Rose Essential Oil

Tip: Put a few drops of rose essential oil in your office or study table to get the relaxed mood and to lure opposite sex.

14. Wear Correct Clothes

The opposite sex will get closer to you if you follow this rule of Feng Shui.

Tip: Girls must wear pink color clothes and use pink lipstick to lure a dream man. Boys must wear light color apparels to attract better luck in love.

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Feng Shui For Singles: Find Love Quickly With 14 Best Tips

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