22 Best Feng Shui Do’s And Dont’s For Your Bathroom!!

Here are the few tips to offset the powerful water elements of the bathroom, and create a balanced environment. Learn how it should be decorated in order to invite Good Feng Shui.

1. Place a mirror outside the bathroom door

As this will make the “Qi” bounce back into the house and stop it from going down the drain.bathroom-1

2. Hang a crystal from the ceiling

This will nullify the unbalanced nature of energies present in the bathroom.


3. Add earth elements

Feng Shui suggests that the bathroom is plentiful of water, so should be balanced by earth element. By doing this, it will fight the heavy water energies.

Tip: Use yellow and brown colors or accessories on your walls or in the form of towels.


4. Colors

Light Green or blue are the excellent colors since blue represents cleanses and purifies while green represents life, new growth, and beginnings. It will help to balance out the water elements present in the bathroom.


White and light skin colors are also a wonderful symbol of purity and cleanliness.

Tip 1: Don’t paint your bathroom in green

As the reflection of green in the mirror makes most people look ill.

Tip 2: Add either a red or black bath rug around the base of the toilet.bathroom-5

Prevent loss of wealth as these colors draw fire which reverses the effect of too much water.

5. Keep all items packed neatly in boxes or in closed cabinets.

This prevents stagnation of energy and reduces maintenance.


6. Replace leaky taps and faucets immediately

As they’ll flush away the money.


7. Place plants

It helps to purify the air and bring in vital energy, keep it ventilated and smelling good.

Tip: Have aloe vera plant.


Tip 2: Or a potted bamboo plant

As it will boost prosperity and growth.


8. Bring candle

To introduce a fire element, lit candle.bathroom-9

9. Do not put photographs of yourself or your career in your bathroom.

Just avoid putting pictures of your friends, or family members or your personal projects and passions as you’ll just be flushing them down the drain.


10. Never have your bathroom in South-East area of your house.

Since the South-East part is related to wealth, so a bathroom situated in this area will drain away all the money from the house, leave you jobless, sink income, increase debt and bankruptcy.


11. Avoid having a Bathroom or toilet in the Center of a Home, under staircases, above the kitchen, dining room, adjacent or near to house entrance.

North-East is the best possible location for a bathroom and North-West is the worst.

Tip 1: If you have a toilet above the bedroom, kitchen or entrance


a) Shine bright lights at the ceiling and keep the light turned on for at least 3 hours.

b) Place large stones or other items in each corner that represents the earth element.

c) Fix a round mirror on the ceiling, such that it is directly above the toilet.

d) Hang a clear faceted crystal ball in the center of the bathroom.

Tip 2: If your bathroom is located in the center of the house:


a) Paint the walls red to nullify the bad chi.

b) Place in each corner large stone, crystal, statue, pottery, vase, or another object that represents an earth element.

c) Use a different toilet if possible

d) Fix a mirror on the outside of the door

As this stabilizes the strong water elements.

Tip 3: If you have bathroom located in the wealth sector, i.e. South-East


a) Place a red, orange, or black rug at the base of the toilet.

b) Place a large stone or crystal in each corner.

c) Fix a full-length mirror on the outside of the bathroom door.

d) Place a transparent glass bowl half filled with pebbles inside your bathroom.

Tip 4: For a bathroom door aligned to the main door


a) Place an object like furniture or home décor item between the bedroom and the bathroom.

b) Use a screen or curtain if necessary.

12. Avoid placing metallic things in the South-East 

As it will drain away all the money from the house.


13. Add A Night-light

Keep the nightlight on 24 hours a day and place the plants higher than the toilet.

Tip: To raise the energy proportionally, place a tabletop water fountain on the shelf or sink allowing it to run frequently.


In feng shui, water also represents money and they will circulate prosperity energy in the home.

Note: Don’t place a water fountain on top of the toilet since it will double the dirty energy.

14. The bathroom door shall not face the altar or Buddha statue or picture in your house.


15. The partition wall between the bathroom and other rooms shall not be in the glass.

As this may easily lead to marriage crisis.


16. Place pebbles in the sink hole and shower drain when not in use.

As this will prevent loss of energy.


17. Keep your bathroom clean, dry and well-ventilated

As this will allow air and energy to flow freely and also smell better this way.


Tip 1: Use a good air freshener and make sure that it receives sufficient sunlight and fresh air.

Tip 2: Keep windows, doors, ventilators of bathroom clean.

18. Replace broken items

Old items like soap dispensers, worn-out toothbrushes, torn curtains, shampoo bottles etc should be kept out.


19. Never place metallic wind chimes in North, West or North-West of the bathroom.


20. Use best essential aromatic oils for a relaxing bath.


21. Avoid placing candles or bright lights in the south west, south or north east.


22. Use suitable images as a metaphor for purification and renewal

Tip: Images of trees, flowers, the sea, rivers, and meadows should be used.


SPECIAL TIP: Toilet seat should be placed in such a way that a person faces South or North while using it.

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22 Best Feng Shui Do’s And Dont’s For Your Bathroom!!

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