33 Interesting Facts About ‘Chimpanzees’

Chimpanzees (Pan Troglodytes) are one of the four species of great apes that are native to Africa. They are one of the great apes along with the orangutans and gorillas on the planet earth. So, check out some facts about these animals.

1. Washoe was the first non-human (Chimpanzee) to learn the American Sign Language (ASL) with a vocab of 350 words. She also passed her knowledge to the other chimpanzees.

2. Human beings have the same number of hair follicles like that of Chimpanzees.

3. Chimpanzees can identify each other from their butts.

4. Congo the Chimp was the famous abstract painter in the year 1950s who sold paintings to Dali, Picasso, and others for about the US $26,000.

5. Chimps use medicinal plants to heal themselves from the disorders and injury.

6. The Gabon and United States are the only two counties in the world that allow experimentation on the chimpanzees.

7. Even though chimps live near water, they can’t swim because of their body density and structure.

8. They fart so loud continuously that the scientists locate them in the forests mainly by following the farts.

9. Chimps can play rock-paper-scissors at a similar level like that of a four-year-old human child.

10. Chimpanzees are omnivores that mean they can eat both animals and plants like as seeds, monkeys, wild pigs, bird eggs, insects, etc.

11. Their thumb is in contrast with other fingers that mean that their thumbs are not in the same line with other four fingers.

12. Chimpanzees use tools such as sticks to take out the ants from the trees or holes and stones to break their nests.

13. They can be infected with similar disorders like that of human beings like as ringworm, measles, influenza, and hepatitis, etc.

14. Chimpanzees exchange kisses, touches, and hugs in their community and use the complex systems of sounds to communicate.

15. These creatures are 6 to 7 times stronger than human beings.

16. When chimpanzees get bored, they organize games to entertain themselves.

17. They can walk on two legs although they use all four limbs for walking.

18. Chimpanzees can create their fashion trends.

19. They chimps can live for 40 to 50 years in the wild and in custody between 50 to 60 years.

20. Chimps are the most intelligent creature on our planet after human beings.

21. Chimpanzees are expert at grooming and spend few couples of hours running their fingers through each other’s hair to eliminate dirt dead skin and pesky parasites etc.

22. These apes represent our closest living relative, i.e., they share about 98 percent of DNA.

23. Chimpanzees also can be very aggressive. They, the male group plan and execute tasks on the other chimps resulting in deadly fatalities and injuries.

24. These gorgeous, great apes live in the 21 African countries, and they prefer the dense tropical rainforests, but you can also see them in the secondary forests, bamboo forests, woodlands and even open savannah.

25. Many mothers give birth to one young chimp an average of every five to six years in the wild. And the young one stays with their mothers for the latest ten years

26. If you carefully look at an ape, just look at their tails. And just remember that monkeys have tails but apes like as chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas, orangutans, gibbons, and humans don’t have.

27. The communities of chimpanzees may range in size from about 15 to 120 chimps of both ages and sexes.

28. Females chimps have a bright pink bottom that gives a sign to the males when they are fertile. They will usually have their first child at the age of 14 years old.

29. The gestation period is very similar to humans, i.e., approximately 8.5 months.

30. Similar to the humans, these endangered species use facial expressions to convey their emotions kike as grief, sorrow, joy, anger, pleasure, depression, and boredom. They comfort each other by embracing and kissing.

31. Chimpanzees have 32 teeth and body temperature like that of humans, i.e., 98.6 degrees.

32. Chimps only have blood group A or O while the humans have blood types A, O, B, and AB.

33. They have a sense of taste, sight, and hearing like that of human beings.

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33 Interesting Facts About ‘Chimpanzees’

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