18 Hidden Facebook Messenger Tricks You Need to Know

You are always chatting with your friends in FB messenger, but did you know there are tons of hidden Facebook messenger tricks that you are not using? Our guide will show you all of these.

1. Facebook Messenger on the Web

Did you know there is also an individual site for Facebook messenger? To use it as a web browser, simply visit messenger.com. You can even access the call, video chat, check out images that you have shared, and mute notifications that you had shared in your messenger.

Hidden Facebook Messenger Tricks, Facebook Messenger on web

2. Fix Repairs

Whenever you need to fix home repairs, simply use FB messenger and hire agencies like pro.com. Just message them, and they will connect with your with ‘home project manager.’ If you want, you can also set appointments with them.

Hidden Facebook Messenger Tricks, Facebook messenger home repairs

3. Share your Location

If you ever need to share your current location to let your friends or family know where you are, simply go to chat with them and hit the three dots to pick a location. Your recipient will instantly get a map that shows your exact location. If you want, you can even delete your location information from Facebook.

Hidden Facebook Messenger Tricks, location share

4. Add Nickname

If you have got a new friend, who has the same name as that of your old friends, simple use messenger’s nickname feature. It will help you to remind you exactly who they are. For this, simply click on their name that you wish to change, you will spot the option to add a nickname. You can even tailor the chat color with just one tap.

Hidden Facebook Messenger Tricks, set nickname FB messenger

5. Use Thumbs Up, GIFs, and Stickers

Facebook also has tons of stickers to use in messenger as you chat. If you don’t like stickers, you can use built-in Giphy into the messenger. Find the GIF you love and insert it with just a few clicks.

Hidden Facebook Messenger Tricks, customize colors and emoji in FB messenger

6. Use Facebook Messenger as a Boarding Pass

Few airlines allow passengers the option to get their flight updates via notification via Facebook messenger. And why you reach the airport, you can use messenger as a boarding pass. But still, you need to book your flight again. You can do it all in the messenger.

Hidden Facebook Messenger Tricks, FB messenger Boarding Pass

7. Share Pictures Using Photo Magic

But when you turn Photo Magic on, it will automatically detect a new picture with your friend and notify you. It will not send till you tap the sent button. Also, if you turn off the toggle, Photo Magic app will no longer send you notifications or identify your buddies in the pictures. To turn the feature on, simply visit settings > photos and media > Photo Magic.

Hidden Facebook Messenger Tricks, Share Pictures Using Photo Magic

8. Send Payments

If you have bought money from someone, you can quickly pay it back to them via messenger. Click on the three dots and pick a payment option. But for this, you need to fill your debit card details, and after you, that hit the pay button. It will instantly go into your friend’s account. You can also swipe left while making a transaction and pick a theme as you want like cupcakes or wine bottles.

pay money on Fb messenger, Hidden Facebook Messenger Tricks

9. See Messages from Strangers

By default, you also check out messages from your friends. But if you want who can check out the messages send by non-friends. Simply go to settings > people > message requests.

Hidden Facebook Messenger Tricks, See Message request from Strangers on FB messenger

10. Send Cute and Adorable Stuff

If you want someone to get a dose of cuteness, simply open a chat with him or her and type @dailycute. It will immediately get a cute picture for you and click hit button to send.

Hidden Facebook Messenger Tricks, dailycute on FB messenger

11. Eliminate Previews

If you have set a notification on your lock screen, it’s the best idea to stop displaying your private chat in those alerts. Obviously, no one wants anyone to read out their secret chats. So to eliminate them, go to settings and uncheck show preview option.

Hidden Facebook Messenger Tricks, uncheck preview on FB messenger

12. Send Spotify Tracks in Messenger

If you have Spotify application installed on your mobile, you can send Spotify tracks to friends through messenger. Make sure your friend has Spotify application installed to play the music track. For this, click on the three dots on the chat and pick Spotify. After that navigate in the app and find your favorite track you want to send.

Hidden Facebook Messenger Tricks, Send Spotify Songs via Messenger

13. Install Suitable Applications

There are numerous apps compatible with the messenger that you can use to boost your experience. You will find Emoji keyboards, GIF keyboards, Bitmoji, meme apps, and weather apps. Hit three dots from any chat and scroll down the list of compatible applications on your device. Click the install button and use it.

Hidden Facebook Messenger Tricks

14. Play Basketball on FB Messenger

If you’re in a mood to play a basketball game with your friend, send a basketball emoji to them and then tap on the messenger. From there, swipe to play the game. Just remember that when you miss the hoop, your game will finish.

Hidden Facebook Messenger Tricks

15. Create Shortcuts for Contacts

Android users can set a shortcut for their favorite contacts. Just pick the contact you desire, and hold your finger on it for a long time. A menu will pop up. Pick ‘create a shortcut,’ and you are all set. You can also organize shortcuts in a similar way as other android application icon.

Note: This trick works on android phones only.

Create Shortcuts for Contacts on FB Messenger, Hidden Facebook Messenger Tricks

16. Pin Group Conversation

If your chat with the same group of people all the time whenever you are free, you can even create a Facebook messenger group and then pin this conversation to the top. It ensures that it’s always available.

For this, simply tap the group button and choose an existing conversation. After that, select the pin’ option. You can then pick conversation as you desire, set a name, and add a unique picture for the group avatar by just tapping the camera button.

Hidden Facebook Messenger Tricks, Pin Group on FB Messenger

17. Message a Business from Facebook Ads

You can also check out Facebook Local Awareness Ads anytime you get to operate your Facebook advertisements. If you click on the send message option within your ad, it will launch a Facebook messenger. It helps you to send a message to your business.

Hidden Facebook Messenger Tricks, Message a Business from Facebook Ads

18. Use a Virtual Assistant ‘M’

Facebook M is one of the coolest Facebook messenger tricks. It is a text-based virtual assistant that used humans to train artificial intelligent system. When any user makes any request for M, it uses algorithms to identify what he wants.

Hidden Facebook Messenger Tricks, Virtual Assistant ‘M

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18 Hidden Facebook Messenger Tricks You Need to Know

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