41 Unbelievable Facts About ‘Eyes’ That You Must Know

Eyes are the most fantastic part of human body. But how much do we know about them? So let’s check out some interesting facts.

1. Eyes started to develop in animals nearly 550 million years back initially, and the simple eyes were patches of photoreceptor protein in single-cell animals.

2. The whole length of every eyelash shed by a human being in their life is nearly 98 feet with each eyelash has a life of 5 months.

3. Your eyeballs remain in the similar size from your birth to death phase while your ears and nose grow with time.

4. An eye consists of nearly 2 million working parts.

5. Corneas are the tissue that doesn’t consist of any blood.

6. 80 percent of the memories are identified by what we see.

7. Eyes heal fast, and with proper care, it just takes nearly 48 hours to fix a tiny scratch inside cornea.

8. Approximately, 80 percent vision issue across the world can’t be treated.

9. Dogs and human beings are the only living species that can read visual indications from another person’s eyes. But the dogs only do this while communicating with the humans.

10. As compared to the fingerprint that has just 40 different properties, an iris consist of nearly 256 characteristics that’s why the retina scanning is used for security work.

11. The blind people can watch their dreams if they are not blind from birth.

12. 80 percent is what every human learns is via his eyes.

13. Red-eye in pictures occurs because lights get flashed back and bounce off the eyes’ back. The choroid is situated at the back of the retina and is filled with blood vessels which make it looks red in the film.

14. Eyes are the second complicated body organ after brain.

15. Few people are born with two unique colored eyes and this disorder is called as ‘heterochromia.’

16. There are nearly 39 million humans that are blind all over the world.

17. Human eye weights nearly 1 ounce and is a 1 inch wide.

18. Just 1/6th part of human eyeball is uncovered.

19. Human eyes begin to construct two weeks after you become pregnant.

20. The average blink of a human eye lasts for nearly 1/10th of one second.

21. Infants don’t generate tears, and in fact, they make crying sounds, but their tears don’t floe until they are nearly 4 to 13 week old.

22. The eye cells have unique shapes. Cone-Shaped cells help you to watch color and rod-shaped cells help you to see the shapes.

23. Your eyes can blink 12 times in one minute.

24. The most commonly found eye color is ‘brown.’
25. Dogs fail to identify between green and red color.

26. Your eye color is identified by the amount of melanin present in your iris.

27. Human eyes blink more when you do conversation with others.

28. Human beings typically read 25 percent slow on a computer screen than on paper.

29. All newborns are color blind at birth.

30. The first person with blue eyes lived nearly 6,000 to 10,000 years back closer to the black sea.

31. It’s not possible to do sneezing with your eyes open.

32. The human beings eye can identify nearly 10 million different colors.

33. Few females can have a genetic mutation that results in them to watch out million plus colors.

34. Blue eyed people have the highest ability to tolerate alcohol and are more sensitive to light.

35. If the eye of hums were a digital camera, it would have nearly 576 MP.

36. Goldfish don’t have eyelids so they can’t close their eyes.

37. Ostrich eyes are bigger than its brain.

38. After human beings, black lemurs are considered to be at a second place for having blue eyes.

29. Bees have nearly five eyes, butterflies have 4, caterpillars have 12, and most spiders have 8.

30. Dolphins sleep with his one eye open.

31. Cats have about three eyelids.

31. The fear of eyes is called as ‘ommatophobia.’

32. Eigengrau (brain gray) is the only color that your eyes see in the complete darkness.

33. Night vision goggles are of green color because human beings eyes can identify more green shades than any other color.

34. There is a laser process to alter brown color to blue as blue eyes exist under all brown eyes.

35. Human eyebrows renew on their own every 64 days.

36. Green is the rare eye color and only 2 percent out of all humans have it.

37. At the birth time, the infant’s eye is nearly 75 percent of the size of an adult.
38. ‘Limal dermoid’ is an uncommon tumor that results in the hair to grow out of individual’s eyeball.

39. It just takes nearly 0.2 seconds for your brain to understand the light that comes to your eye.

40. A human eye can identify a candle flame nearly 1.7 miles (2.76 kilometers) away.

41. Even without moving their eyes, several birds have 360-degree field view.

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41 Unbelievable Facts About ‘Eyes’ That You Must Know

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